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Womb Healer Training

Level 3 of The High Priestess


Become an Certified Womb Healer

This is the Third Stage of the "High Priestess" the Sacred Training. After have walked the path of the Priestess, the path of the Goddess, it's time to get immerse in your healing powers as the Healer you already are!


Do you feel passionate about helping women to reclaim their authentic sacred feminine connection?

Are you ready and willing to heal the wounds of abandonment, rejection , shame , abuse and unite your Divine Feminine Masculine within, embrace your sacred sexual self, connect to your womb wisdom, reclaim the power of your womb and embody the Womb Healer within ? 

If you are ready to step into a powerful new role as a authentic feminine teacher and facilitator, I invite you to become an inspirational leader in the new feminine revolution - Womb Healer!

As a Womb Healer you will catalyse incredible healing breakthroughs for your clients and create a richly rewarding professional path for yourself.

The Womb Healer Training will take you on a deep inner healing journey, awakening your Womb power, immersing you in wisdom of the feminine healing arts, opening you into the sacred union of your true Feminine/Masculine Essence, reviving your soulful feminine lunar consciousness pathways, and connecting you back to the Centre of Creation - the Universal Womb.

You will also immerse in the secret feminine mystery teachings of an ancient Womb Cosmology, woven from many worldwide cultures, including Andean, Amazonia, Mayan, Buddhist,Sufi, Egyptian, and gnostic-Christian - threading together a coherent vision of wisdom traditions to birth a New Earth.

Your certification is given by Non Profit Organization" Project Pachamama" helping indigenous people in the Americas, and legally constituted in South Florida .

This training is particularly beneficial for clients who have gone through:

  • rape

  • sexual abuse

  • prolonged periods of relational and sexual absence

  • narcissistic breakups/heartbreaks/betrayals

  • codependency/abandonment issues

  • abortions/miscarriages/loss of children

  • creative/financial blockages

  • low self esteem

  • relational issues

  • mother wounds

  • ancestors lineage wounds


Why is so important?

With modern culture and obligations, we neglect an important aspect of ourselves: our womb. Wombs were made to create life, and be the life!

However, now we do not have any relationship with it, and they became a place o pain, suffering, shame, secrets, affecting energetically our life, relationships, and the organs of our bodies in that area. 

I, myself, believe that miracles happens in this area. 20 years ago, I was perfectly married with a perfect man and we couldn't have babies. It happened that it was me who couldn't have babies. I was ok with that but not my ex-husband. I went to a deep inner healing in different layers of myself, but the major miracle happened when I could transform my body through ancient rituals that change my life. I became mother after 13 years of not being able. 

In my own healing, I discover many layers happened in the relationships with men, with myself, and my ancestors. That's why I believe in ancestral and divine healing; and now I want to share it with you so you can help many women around the world. 

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womb .jpeg
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As a Womb Healer you will empower your clients with:

  • Prepare Womb Healing Ceremonies and rituals 

  • Heal  Womb ancestor lineage 

  • Restore the orden of the souls (abortions and miscarriages)

  • Clean sexual energy 

  • Restore Feminine Sexual & Spiritual Power

  • Connect to Body- and Womb-Based Intuition

  • Access Inspired Creative Vision & Soul Purpose

  • Enjoy Freedom from Past Sexual Traumas & Wounds

  • Magnetize Divine Love and Sacred Partnership

  • Create Deep Honor & Sacred Boundaries

  • Be Physically Grounded & Self-Loving

  • Womb Healing Ceremonies 

  • Rites of Passage: Birth, Mother blessing,  preparation for marriages

  • Transformational Workshops and Retreats

  • Womb Healing Coach

  • Exclusive 1-1 Client Programs

You will create and expertly facilitate:

mother blessings.jpeg


The 9 months program is divided in 13 online classes, 3 rituals (in person or online), 1 private session, 6 forums. 

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13 online classes 

icon session .png

1 private session 

icon forum .png
icon ritual .png

6 forums

3 healing rituals 

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Your Mentor


I am glad you have found me.  My name is Lila Lotus, an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Iris Diagnosis Specialist, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Mentor, Motivational Speaker, creator of SOULution, creator of The Healer’s Journey spiritual retreats, founder and president of Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization.


Ancient Wisdom has been a passion and a life mission for me. I started my path with the School of Mysteries at 11 years old. And still this path amazes me. After a dead experience, I decided to teach, to do not keep with me what for over 33 years has been taught to me. 

I believe it's time to reforest planet Earth with more Wisdom. I believe High Priestesses are the keepers of this heritage for future generations. It's my desire that High Priestesses around the world help this planetary mission of helping Earth to evolve. 


With over 15 years of experience in Body, Mind & Spiritual healing, I offer an unique approach blending the knowledge of Life Coaching, Herbal Medicine, Angel & Shamanic Healing, NLP, Bio-decoding, Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and many other holistic techniques. Let's walk the path of Priesthood together !

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The Sacred Temple awaits for YOU!

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