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Wedding, Baptism, Mother Blessing

There are sacred moments in life that mark an initiation or the portal of a new cycle. I am very honored to hold the space for you and your beloved ones for special ceremonies in your life. I do offer services to celebrate weddings, baptisms, and mother blessings. 

The ceremonies are adapted to your unique personality, background and roots. We will establish a plan together and walk along of this sacred moment of your life. It will be an honor to share this chapter of your life with you.

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I am an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and I am legally certified to marry couples in the state of Florida. The service includes a consultation by email or phone to create your customized wedding ceremony, written just for you and ranging from traditional to contemporary, reflecting your own personal taste. We can customize vows that fit your vision for this special day. One rehearsal meeting prior to the wedding ceremony is included as well. Contact me for more details. 

A Mother Blessing ceremony helps mark a powerful transition in a woman’s life and prepare her mind, body and spirit for leaping into the unknown. Friends, family and loved ones, usually women, gather together to wrap the mother in love and positivity. A Mother Blessing should end with the expectant woman feeling empowered and embraced by the love and strength of her tribe. The Mother Blessing ceremony is an adaptation of an ancient Navajo ceremony called a Blessing way. Participants of a Blessing day honor, pamper, and prepare the pregnant mother for her journey through birth into motherhood. Contact me for more details. 

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After a child is born, the ancestral communities celebrate the first initiation of a human being. The priest or the shaman performs a kind of baptismal ceremony. The baby is given a protective spirit by the Great Spirit, and a name is chosen. It said that the baby will also take on their qualities or strengths on this ceremony. The service includes the sacred space preparation, shamanic songs, ritual and offering to mother Earth Pachamama. Contact me for more details. 

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