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The Goddess

Level 2 of The High Priestess


Become the eternal Goddess

This is the Second Stage of the "High Priestess" the Sacred Training.


Embody the true power of the feminine - soft, receptive, magnetic and potent!


Discover how to blend the magical and the muggle aspects of life into divine harmony with the whisper of the Goddess at your back, surrendering daily and in every moment to the magical synchronicity of a life enchanted.

Become confident working with ancient herbal wisdom to heal yourself and your family with natural remedies as you connect profoundly with the natural world around you and move in the sacred rhythm of life.

Discover magic, rituals, tips and practices associated to the Goddesses.You will be able to receive and practice these aspects as a Goddess Mentor. 

Receive Eight Empowerments and attunements to connect and embody the Goddesses in your life to become "The Goddess." 


Goddesses Empowerments 


Empowerment as an Embodied Divine Creatrix


mother mary.jpeg

Embody the Alchemy of Love

Mother Mary


Reclaim our Sexual Power


kwan yin.jpeg
Kwan Yin 

Embodying your Powerful Divinity

Kwan Yin


Embodying Fierce Compassion



Embodied the Power of Freedom and Transmutation


Embody the Power of your Truth


Empowering your Divine Feminine Leadership



Mary Magdalene


The Wheel of the Goddess

Wheel of the goddess .png

1. The Wild Woman 
2. The Beautiful Muse - The Maiden
3. The Golden Heroine
4. The Earth Mother - The Mother
5. The Medicine Woman
6. The Wise Woman - The Crone
7. The Goddess
8. The Feminine Christ


The 4 months program is divided in 8 online classes, 1 ritual (in person or online), 1 Akashic Records Session, 3 forums.

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8 online classes 

icon session .png

1 private session 

icon forum .png
icon ritual .png

3 forum

1 healing ritual

Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-04.png

Your Mentor


I am glad you have found me.  My name is Lila Lotus, an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Iris Diagnosis Specialist, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Mentor, Motivational Speaker, creator of SOULution, creator of The Healer’s Journey spiritual retreats, founder and president of Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization.


Ancient Wisdom has been a passion and a life mission for me. I started my path with the School of Mysteries at 11 years old. And still this path amazes me. After a dead experience, I decided to teach, to do not keep with me what for over 33 years has been taught to me. 

I believe it's time to reforest planet Earth with more Wisdom. I believe High Priestesses are the keepers of this heritage for future generations. It's my desire that High Priestesses around the world help this planetary mission of helping Earth to evolve. 


With over 15 years of experience in Body, Mind & Spiritual healing, I offer an unique approach blending the knowledge of Life Coaching, Herbal Medicine, Angel & Shamanic Healing, NLP, Bio-decoding, Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and many other holistic techniques. Let's walk the path of Priesthood together !

Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-24.png

The Sacred Temple awaits for YOU!

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