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The Path of Mary Magdalene

The Divine Retreat


The path of The Divine Feminine and unconditional love

Come with us as we trace the fabled footsteps of Mary Magdalene, who is said to have arrived in France after the crucifixion and lived and worked here as teacher and healer. She is regarded by many as an archetype of the divine feminine, an energy that has often been quelled in this world and yet is much needed (now more than ever). On this journey we discover the lore of her journey and immerse ourselves in the beauty, elegance and gastronomy that is France.


Join us on a spiritual tour to guide you into a greater internal growth as we transform the depths of our higher self. Let the sacred sites and natural power spots of Southern France open and change you. Enter the path of Mary Magdalene, as she likely journeyed to these lands of Southern France for some of the same reasons you would; to let the energies of these special places move you to a greater actualization.


Discover the magic of what people have known for centuries, uncover the secrets the land has to offer. We will visit churches, natural spots, caves and ancient sites to facilitate amazing transformations.

This tour takes a slower pace to allow people time to meditate, contemplate and explore the spirituality these amazing places have to offer us. Therefore we will be able to transition more quickly, spend more time at the sites, see more of them and have more of an intimate connection with the power spots. 

You will have the opportunity to be attuned to the energy of this Ascended Master on the places where she meditate and connected to the Divine Creator. Every day, you will receive special sessions to go deeper in the spiritual meaning of your inner quest and your visit in France. You will also receive a baptism on the same spot where Mary Magdalene used to baptize others. 

If you are wishing to connect with the places Mary Magdalene lived, witness highly energetic locations, see beautiful country, grow in soul and consume delicious french foods and wines? This tour is for you.

Arrive in Toulouse France and depart form Marseille. 

*If you have other tour plans before and after the tour we can work these things out.

What you will visit during your journey?


  • Boat ride to the town of Sainte Marie de Mere. It's named after Marie de Magdala (Mary Magdalene) because it's where she and her siblings, along with her daughter traveled by boat from Israel and settled to go into hiding from the Romans and Jews.

  • Visit the church where the famous statue of Marie and Jesus daughter is kept alive.

  • Visit the Basilica where Mary Magdalene skull is kept in a town on the coast of the french riviera.

  • Visit Aix in Provence.

  • Visit the place where Mary Magdalene used to have her secret initiations into the Holy Spirit. We will also have the Spiritual Shower at this location and relive how Mary Magdalene use to initiate the people.

  • Experience hot springs.

  • Visit the cave where Mary Magdalene spent her last years in samadhi and ascended there as well.

Join us in our next "The path of Mary Magdalene",  the path of the Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love

About your mentor and guide


I am glad you have found me.  My name is Lii Ana, an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Iris Diagnosis Specialist, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Mentor, Motivational Speaker, creator of SOULution, creator of The Healer’s Journey spiritual retreats, founder and president of Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization.


Ancient Wisdom has been a passion and a life mission for me. I started my path with the School of Mysteries at 11 years old. And still this path amazes me. After a dead experience, I decided to teach, to do not keep with me what for over 33 years has been taught to me. 

I believe it's time to reforest planet Earth with more Wisdom. I believe High Priestesses are the keepers of this heritage for future generations. It's my desire that High Priestesses around the world help this planetary mission of helping Earth to evolve. 


With over 15 years of experience in Body, Mind & Spiritual healing, I offer an unique approach blending the knowledge of Life Coaching, Herbal Medicine, Angel & Shamanic Healing, NLP, Bio-decoding, Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and many other holistic techniques. Let's walk the path of Priesthood together !

This experience is for you if you ...

  • Want to evolve and grow on your spiritual journey

  • Want to learn more about metaphysics, portals, attunements and alternative healing 

  • Procrastinate taking action consistency and sticking to your commitments in your life

  • Are feeling a little slow, stagnant, or stuck in your life

  • Want to manifest a happy and balanced life

  • Want to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety, and healing from grief and loss

  • Love to travel and want to discover Morocco 

  • Love the dessert, ancient cities and contemplate the Milky Way

  • Want to increase your passion for life and sense of your true value, resulting in an innate capacity to live in joy, ease and dignity

Join us in our next "The path of Mary Magdalene",  the path of the Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love

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