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The Parisian Adventure 

An enlighten experience in the city of Light!

May 9th
to 16th
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Have you imagined visited the most amazing city in the world with a group of enlighten people guided by a Parisian?

Have you imagined to experience a week of spiritual growth visiting the most beautiful and enigmatic places of Paris?

Have you imagined to be attuned on the place choose by artists, creators, philosophers of the planet?

Have you imagined to be on the portal of the archangels (Mont Saint-Michel)?

Have you imagined to eat croissant, baguettes, macaroons, and enjoy food where Parisians eat?

Have you imagined to travel as a Parisian in Paris? 

If you dream to visit Paris while you work on your inner being, this voyage is for YOU…

Join us in our next "Parisian Adventure", an enlighten experience in the city of light!

Investing time to achieve our dreams seems to be on all our minds as we seek to find our own happiness while also caring for the impact of those dreams on the world around us . 

As we become more aware, grateful and awake, living a meaningful existence increasingly becomes about the experiences we have instead of the objects we own.

A retreat is a gift for your soul and for the rest of your life!

Raise your vibration, gain clarity, and manifest your most beautiful life while you grow on your spiritual journey. Join Lila Lotus for a divine experience in a group of supportive, inspiring, and radiant people on the path of deep soul work.

Lila guides you through meditation, visualizations, spiritual work, metaphysic classes, 8 attunements, motivational sessions, tarot readings, past life regressions, and more. You will learn and receive energy healing that will elevate the soul while you visit incredible places in Paris. This program also includes guided tours of the Paris that Parisian love. We will enjoy a visit to Mont Saint Michel and Versailles to complete your adventure.


Come be inspired, awaken dormant energy, and take home practical tools to nurture your soul.

Come and experience your wild and precious life in Paris!


Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for you:

  • Classes and sessions in the most enigmatic places of Paris, for example: Le Louvre, La Saint Chapelle, Champs de Mars

  • Exploring the city with a Parisian!

  • Tour of secret places only known to locals

  • Visiting the portal of the Archangels : Le Mont Saint Michel

  • Visiting the Palace of Versailles

  • Yoga 

  • Opera in Paris

  • A spa-like baths Hammam afternoon at a very special Turkish

  • Eating one of the best macaroons in town

  • Following in the footsteps of Amelie in Montmartre

  • Learning about French culture

  • Crepes, croissants, champagne, chocolates, and plenty of time to learn, connect, enjoy and play


And of course there will be dreaming, visioning, coaching and magic!

About your coach and guide


Lila Lotus will be your guide in this unique journey.

She has lived in Paris for 10 years working at L’Oreal Paris during this time. She is so in love of Europe and French culture that in 2009, she got the French citizenship. She speaks perfectly French and has been part of a French family for 12 years.


Paris is her home and she returns every 2 years to recharge and embrace the unique energy of this city. She knows the places where enigmatic portals are hidden for humanity and she will share this information transmitted by special guides and now available to YOU. She knows the places where Parisians usually go to eat, to drink, to visit, to get together and you will step there and have the experience to inhale the Parisian atmosphere. 

One week full of achievement and unforgettable memories… 

Dare to be a Parisian for a week! Dare to work out with your spiritual muscles in one of the most enlighten cities of the planet: the city of light “PARIS”

Hi! My name is Lila Lotus...

I’m a Transformational coach, sacred space holder, balanced life alchemist, retreat leader, inspirational speaker, mother, wife and world traveller. 


I work with people around the world looking to improve their lives through integral healing of mind and soul. I help you focus on what really matters for you to achieve a balanced life and to reach your cherished dreams. I offer you a complete program based on your individuality, adapted to a group to accompany you to reach a meaningful, successful and balanced life!


Now I am sharing my top life and transformational coaching tools and manifestation principles with you… and holding space for your unique goals…

So that you can become the best version of you and build a life you are dreaming with!!!


This experience is for you if you ...

  • Want to evolve and grow on your spiritual journey

  • Want to learn more about metaphysics, portals, attunements and alternative healing 

  • Procrastinate taking action consistency and sticking to your commitments in your life

  • Are feeling a little slow, stagnant, or stuck in your life

  • Want to manifest a happy and balanced life

  • Want to Reduce stress, fear, and anxiety, and healing from grief and loss

  • Love to travel and want to discover Paris

  • Want to increase your passion for life and sense of your true value, resulting in an innate capacity to live in joy, ease and dignity

Join us in our next "Parisian Adventure", an enlighten experience in the city of light!

Paris ! and Versailles & Mont Saint Michel

The uniform sandstone of the Haussmann buildings, the abundance of gilded historic monuments, and the glimmering Seine and its elegant bridges have arguably made Paris the most recognizable and romanticized cityscape in the world. But though the city wears its history – of monarchy, revolution, revolt and artistic innovation – with characteristic style, it is also increasingly looking to the future and outwards to the rest of the world.

In our journey we will explore the city’s rich heritage spending time at incredible places as Le Louvre or exploring the neighborhood of Montmartre, or ducking in and out of Paris’s countless historical churches (many of which were reinvented as Republican temples after the Revolution). We will have the time to enjoy the Parisian atmosphere while we discover the Parisian way of living.

We will immerse in our spiritual practices in many sacred places including Le Mont Saint Michel (The portal of the Archangels on Earth). As part of our program, we will visit also the majestic Versailles immersing ourselves in this beautiful town. 

If you dream to visit Paris while you work on your inner being, this voyage is for YOU…

Here’s a sneak peak at what you will have in this journey…

The 7 days/nights groundbreaking retreat includes several spiritual practices, lessons, coaching, visits to amazing places in Paris, Versailles, Mont Saint Michel and more. You’ll join a Facebook group tribe and a Whatsup chat to interact with Lila and your enlighten group participating in this retreat. You also have personal transformative coaching with Lila to go deeper on your healing experience. 

The classes will be held at the most powerful places in Paris like the Louvre. Places and activities include in the program:



Tour Eiffel 


de Mars

Les invalides

Mont Saint Michel

Sacré Coeur


Notre Dame de Paris

La Conciergerie

La Sainte Chapelle

Hotel de Ville de Paris

Les Marais

Maison de Victor Hugo




Place de la Bastille

Place des Vosges

Champs Elysées & L'Arc du Triomphe

La Madeleine




Place de la


Place des Vendôme

Le Louvre

Opéra Garnier 




 Château de Versailles

Saint Sulpice

Saint Germain des Prés

Jardin du Luxembourg

Le Panthéon

La Mosquée de Paris

Opera Concert 














Are you ready for the journey?

The Trip & Retreat

This is a unique experience where you will combine a trip to the most visited and magnificent city in the world with a deep soul immersion. 

Everyday we will visit enigmatic and amazing places in Paris with the flavor of local people. We will have our sessions that include alternative healing, transformational coaching, attunements, tarot readings, yoga, group circles, and many lifetime memories you will bring home. 


The places visited carried such a magical energy empowering the soul work done at the classes ands sessions. 

We will review your life, immerse in your fears and your gifts to bring light to the total incredible package that YOU are... The combination of the program (trip & the retreat) helps you to shine to the world and empower your life.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” It’s never too late to have a life you love. Don’t ever feel like you’ve missed the boat, don’t have what it takes or can’t achieve your dreams. Instead of removing your dreams, remove the doubts and fears keeping you from them. It’s never, ever too late. Paris is always a good idea!!

The Parisian Adventure

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get with the "Parisian Adventure Retreat"

  • Hotel 3 stars in Paris for 7 nights

  • Breakfast included

  • Transportation in Paris

  • Transportation to Versailles

  • Transportation to Mont Saint Michel

  • Guided visit to:

    • Tour Eiffel​

    • Champs de Mars

    • Les Invalides

    • Abbey du Mont Saint Michel

    • Le Sacré Coeur

    • Montmartre

    • Pigalle

    • Notre Dame

    • La Sainte Chapelle

    • La Conciergerie

    • Hôtel de Ville

    • Les Marais

    • Place des Vosges

    • Victor Hugo house

    • Place de la Bastille

    • Place de la Concorde

    • Champs Elysées

    • Arc du Triomphe

    • La Madeleine

    • Place Vendôme

    • Opera Garnier