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Become the Powerful Healer you are meant to Be

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  • Do you feel a heart-calling to step more fully into who you are?

  • Do you want to create a successful career using your divine gifts?

  • Are you ready to live your higher Divine purpose?

  • Want to powerfully expand your healing abilities and use them to energize your life and the lives of everyone you meet?

  • Would you like to learn to tap into Spirit’s most profound healing wisdom?

  • Would you like the expert support of a successful Energy Healer to guide you as you develop your own energy healing services?

If the answer is YES, this complete program is for YOU!

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In this visionary on site and online certification program, world renowned spiritual teacher Lila Lotus teaches you how to unlock your extraordinary abilities to heal and be healed. The program is certified by Project Pachamama, Non Profit Organization and Soul   ution Wellbeing & Transformational Coaching.

This advanced one year and a half Certified Energy Healer training is designed for those would like to expand their healing skillset to meet the planetary needs of this time. It is designed for those who want to learn, grow and change within a safe and supportive community of like minded individuals seeking to deepen their intuitive abilities and apply them to energetic healing of others.

We use rich sources, and additional certifications included in the program: Reiki, Akashic Records, Angel Healer Practitioner, Biodecoding, N.L.P., Shamanic Healing, cards readings, spiritual cleansing and Hypnosis, from which you gain information for helping. These resources can illuminate a broad and spiritual picture of what is going on for your clients that can help bring awareness and meaning to lifetimes of problems and issues.

Through the program, you combine vibrational healing work and readings to bring a more complete solution to whatever is happening for your client. In this phase we tap into many different healing traditions to help our clients move and shift in ways that are perfect for their soul’s evolutionary process.

Who can become an Energy Healer?

We are all healers. In fact, it comes naturally to us as humans—some just pursue different types of healing such as those who nurture the physically or mentally unhealthy. However, when it comes to energy healing, not everyone feels immediately and clearly called to facilitate spiritual growth. This often evolves from a deep desire to:

  • Discover who you are at your core.

  • Step more fully into your own light.

  • Clear your own energy blocks that hold you back.

  • Find the path to your soul.

  • Seek greater meaning and purpose.

  • Access your own power instead of looking outward for answers.


If you recognize the overwhelming need for healing on this planet, consider more deeply the examination of your own heart-calling. Perhaps, you are you Divinely destined to serve the world as a therapeutic and Energy Healer.

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You will get

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online learning 

No matter where you are on planet Earth, you can always join the program. Lila travels frequently around the world sharing forums, masterminds from different sacred places on Gaia. Enjoy the online library, extra videos, live videos only for students and more...


Your classmates become your friends, become your colleagues, become your FAMILY.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a very loving and supportive community. We have around 5 groups already graduated. Additional you are added to the group of Lila' students from other program as School of Mysteries and High Priestess Program.  We are a big family



Lila loves to share her knowledge and one important part of the training is our "Practice time".  We gather together live or online, and we go to the healing process so you can do it under Lila supervision. We also get together for rituals so you can take a look on the scenes of healing. This a personalized program and Lila makes sure all her students get healed and get to be a healer.

TRIPS with your tribe

Traveling is an option for all the students of the Academy. We finally meet with those living in different parts of the world and get together to experience a deep immersion in Energy Healing. For this program, Lila proposes you to come to the Bolivian Amazon and learn from Healing Plants. We will be with natives shamans to uncover some gifts of nature for our health and wellbeing. 

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Over this year and a half, you’ll:

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  • Masterfully unlock your unique spiritual healing abilities

  • Discover how to expertly connect with your Spiritual Team

  • Learn how to channel divine healing energy into your life and the lives of others

  • Discover special techniques for reading someone’s soul contract

  • Become an enlightened channel of Divine wisdom

  • Unleash the profound healing power of the mind

  • Become a Certified Reiki Master

  • Become a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

  • Become a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner

  • Discover how to get information from past lives and heal them in this life

  • Learn anatomy from an spiritual perspective  and use biodecoding to liberate energy blocking your physical body

  • Find out how to clear hidden blocks to total healing

  • Learn how to clear and protect your energy body and others

  • Fully understand the subtleties of working with healing energy

  • Learn techniques for reading and balancing chakras

  • Discover how to heal even when healing seems impossible

  • Learn how to empower other’s unique healing journey

  • Learn several miraculous spiritual healing rituals

  • And much more!

Energy Healer Curriculum 

This groundbreaking certification program is broken down into 33 Modules. Each module includes several practices, material, experiential homework, and more. You’ll join Facebook group, a WhatsApp group to interact with Lila and your enlighten classmates. You also have a personal session with Lila to go deeper on your healing experience. 

All the classes are recorded and additional we do have masterminds, forums to answer questions, practice time (where we get together in real time so Lila can make some adjustments in your techniques or simply congratulate.) 

Lila focus on YOU, She is able to see your gifts and how you can tailor your offer to the world. Besides the person approach, we offer a lovely and supporting community that more than colleagues will become your family. This is a gift for life!

We have regular festivals with the students of the Academy where all the students are able to show in live their gifts. These festivals help the students to immerse in the field before they get graduated. We also have a "Graduation Ceremony." And at the end of the program, we propose an optional retreat immersion to Graduate to learn about medicinal plants in the Bolivian Amazons with a native teacher. (About ten days) 






  • Energy Healing

  • Primary Energy Systems

  • Types of Energy Healing

  • Human Chakras 

  • Transcendental Chakras

  • The Aura



  • The principles of a Healer

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Healer

  • Energy management

  • Sacred path 


  • The Body

  • The human body constitution

  • Human body needing

  • Breathing, vital body and prana


  • The Sacred Path and the lightworkers

  • Incarnation, Reincarnation and Karma

  • Death & Dying

  • Soul Contracts

  • Initiatic schools