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Are you ready to honor the divinity on you? Are you ready to take the leap and discover what treasures hidden in the deepest of your soul? Are you ready to spend time discovering your soul’s life purpose and your own gifts? Are you ready to heal your soul and your heart offering peace to your mind and body and attracting health and abundance into your life? Are you ready to become your own hero, your own guru?


Take a break from your life; journey into a magical kingdom reconnecting with your spirit, awakening to your full potential, and strengthen your soul connection. Our retreats are an opportunity for you to re-discover yourself and your true potential. They offer you the possibility to open the door of profound healing.


Every day, we offer you workshops to go deeper to your inner self and accelerate your evolution working your physical, mental and spirit bodies. Participating in our retreats, you will have:

  • A magical place where you can find a loving and supportive community allowing you to feel safe and supported on your healing journey 
  • A schedule of activities to suit your personal goals and wellbeing
  • Organically and fresh meals
  • Shamanic healing techniques and ceremonies (The Healer's Journey)
  • Ancient sacred ritual and ceremonies
  • Holistic healing therapies
  • Restorative body treatments, including energetic massage (optional)
  • A celestial team always ready to support you and guiding in your healing journey
  • Meditation, yoga and many other healing techniques


We offer different kind of retreats adaptad to different needing:


  • The Healer's Journey ( Shamanic Healing Retreat with ancestral wisdom)
  • The Parisian Adventure ~ An enlighten experience in the city of light
  • The path of Mary Magdalene ( Women and Men retreat in search for the feminine balance) 
  • The Arabian Dream ~ A Moroccan Adventure 

The Healer's Journey Retreat
morocco 1

Empower yourself, transform your life!

A retreat is a gift to your whole being that allows you to shift from the place you feel stocked into a place of fullfilment where the totally of possibilities can be manifested and you can be the person you desire!!!

We offer healing retreats in sacred and energetic places of Planet EARTH!!! These transformative journeys take advantage of the gifts of ancient traditions combined with western and eastern understanding and philosophies. These retreats feature Transformational Coaching; Ancestral Wisdom, Rituals, and Medicine; Readings; Past Life Regression; Akashic Records; Metaphysics; Meditation; Energetic Cleansing; visit to ancient sacred places, and many other surprises. Our only target: Facilitate the awakening to your inner gifts, raise consciousness allowing your body, mind and spirit to embrace the path of healing so you can shine and share this light to the world!!!

Empower yourself, transform your life!

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