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Project Pachamama Non Profit 

Project Pachamama is a Charity Organization committed to serve humanity and honor life upon our Sacred Earth. Healing and unifying our world through dedicated support to Indigenous Communities of the Americas. We do help Indigenous communities with educational supplies. We also support causes related to Reforestation on our jungle and the Amazons. 


Our mission is to integrate and preserve Ancestral Wisdom through educational projects, activities, and musical concerts. Expanding prospects to enhance the quality of life by unifying as one with the immense power of our generation to serve and protect Pachamama and its Indigenous communities and future generations.


We envision a future that respects,  honors and preserves Pachamama and the Indigenous Peoples who are the guardians and keepers of the ancient wisdom. By ways of preserving indigenous lands, language, spiritual traditions and artistic expressions.
We are here to inspire humanity to join together and learn that we are not separate from one another or our earth. We are a whole, a collective consciousness. How we treat each other is how we treat ourselves. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. We are here to take a stand and be a voice for Mother Earth and her Indigenous peoples. Creating harmony together as one for Pachamama.

For more information visit our Fan Page in Facebook.

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