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Speaking in the language of love

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

My first blog post in English!!

Hello! This is Lila Lotus and I am very honored to have the opportunity to connect with you thorough this blog!

I have to be honest! I love to write. When I was a teenager I won several city awards for writing poems. But I stop to write because the kids were bullying me for writing. I started to write in my late 20's but in Spanish or "Castellano", native language. This is my first post in English, so please forgive any grammar mistake I can make.

The essential is to write from your heart. And that's a place I love to be almost all the times... So here is the deal, I will be sharing some content that comes from my heart and my lived truth. For this reason, if some ideas do not resonate with you, please do not take them... the most important is that you find a happy, balanced and healthy life in your path. Everyone of us come from different parts of the planet, with different families, different cultures, different education background, different spiritual beliefs, different experiences, and that make us "unique" and "different". So let's respect this uniqueness by honoring our "differences"...

Here’s how I honor people around me:

  1. Smiling to anybody that touch my life daily ( cashiers, at the gas station, at the doctor office, at the gym, etc). Every place represents an opportunity to work out my respect to others

  2. Breathing and flowing when I do not agree with another person's perspective

  3. Giving a compliment to someone

  4. Honoring someone by giving them a hand!

  5. Praying for them

  6. Listening without judging

  7. Appreciating the differences as richness in the beautiful menu of life!

And you, how do you honor the differences? how do you write in your soul's diary every day? What kind of language do you use? What senses do you adopt to interpret your reality? I chose to follow my heart, listening to my intuition, being in silent when I need to be, and respecting my colleagues on planet Earth!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words....

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