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Living what you speak

Honoring your #word with your #actions can be difficult sometimes, but it's part of our path of growth.

The most I walk on life, I realize that we can post on social medias, writing or making videos, we can express in our daily life by speaking or writing any thought that we want. But are those words coherent with what we feel and how we act?

I strongly belief that we are #praying every second of our life. I believe life is a ceremony and every word, every feeling, and every action counts in that prayer.

How do we know we are growing in life? Observe yourself and see if your words really match your feelings and your actions. It's easy to speak or to write. The challenging part comes when we ACT and of course when we #FEEL!

Dare to honor those prayers and honor your word. I know life always surprised us and we need to have an alternative plan for everything because nothing is sure. Everything change in this Universe. So I give you here some tips to start to be spiritual coherent :

1. Try to respect your word by doing what you've said or have promised. This shows respect to the other person who is waiting for your actions

2. Do not promise something you are not sure to make it

3. If you have the urge to commit yourself, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really can do it

4. If you really can not comply with a promise, notice the other person as soon as you realize you are not going to be able to make it. This will show respect and acknowledge the time of the other one.

5. Learn to be responsible of your words by asking first to your heart

6. Put on the others' shoes to see how it feels being disappointed by other's not complied words

In this world of social medias with texts, messages, videos, it's easy to create and story, and believe in this story. Being coherent will teach you to be in balance in your inside and outside world. Try to live your truth, your body, your hormones, your glands, and your whole being will appreciate it. And you? you are going to feel more proud of #yourself!

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