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How to attract your ideal love partner

Probably you have heard about the law of attraction. This concept is associated to manifestation. And you can use it to attract your ideal couple into your life.

You can do amazing things mixing positive energies with belief.

Manifestation is just your way of asking the Universe to grant you permission to acquire something.

So if you want to manifest the love of your life, you need just to close your eyes, open your mind, and ask the cosmos exactly what you are looking for.


1.Love yourself with everything you are. You are perfect as you are.

2.You deserve to be loved. Believe it! Affirm it believing it from the bottom of your heart. If it’s difficult for you, practice everyday day saying I DO DESERVE TO BE LOVED.

3.Cut from the root any past love relationship. Do not waste any more time.

4.Do not distract yourself in passing relationships.

5.Enjoy your life: enroll yourself in a class you want to take, explore exercise, travel, learn how to cook, how to dance etc. Understand that there is not “the other half.” You are a complete person and you decide to be with a complete person.

6.Evaluate what you are attracting. You attract what you are. Are you positive? a good daughter? A good son? Are funny or grumpy?

7.Take care of yourself.

You need to know that your wish will come true when you will be in harmony with what you wish. So are you the ideal woman or men you wish? Is there harmony in your life?

Now we are going to explore your sincere motivation. So what is your motivation to attract your love partner? If a woman answers: I want to be married because I want financial stability, that is not a correct belief. We are all prosper. Depending on someone else will make this relationship not strong enough. So now it’s your turn. What is your motivation? To have a love partner to build a life, a family? Someone to support you to elevate your dreams?


We never ask or pray for a wish when we are anxious, desperate or sad. You have better to wait until you be in calm and happy at the time to ask for your wishes so in this way we do not contradict our wishes with our negative emotions.

2. A. How to attract the ideal partner or husband (for women)

Sit calm, comfortable, relax your body, close your eyes. Talk to your mind and say:

“I am attracting a man to my life right now who is honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy and prosperous. These qualities that I admire in a man, are felt accepted by my mind and reflect my new mental programming. The more I think about it, the more it becomes part of me. I know that I am attracting an ideal partner that reflects the beliefs of my mind. I attract what I think is true. I know that I can contribute to the peace and happiness of this man. He loves my ideals and I love his ideals. He doesn't want to change me nor do I want to change him. There is mutual love, freedom and respect. ”

If you firmly believe this, you will attract a man with the characteristics you believe with all your heart. The Universe will open paths, events and opportunities for you to meet him. Open your life to this gift of true love.

2. B. How to attract the ideal partner or wife (for men)

Sit calm, comfortable, relax your body, close your eyes. Talk to your mind and say:

“I am attracting my ideal woman and she is in complete harmony with me. This is a special union because it is a divine love working through the personality of someone that I have a great time. I know that I can give this woman love, light, peace and joy. I feel and believe that I can contribute to make this woman's life beautiful and wonderful. I declare today that she has the following qualities: she is spiritual, loyal, faithful, and authentic. She is harmonious, peaceful, cheerful. Our attraction is irresistible. Only love, truth and beauty can enter to this experience in my life. I accept my ideal partner now. ”


Why we repeat the same negative experience in relationships (for women and men)

By the same logic of the previous examples, if we do not re-program our mind with the new characteristics that we want in an ideal partner, we will continue to attract the same type of wrong person that reflects our current negative condition. It does not depend on your dress, or makeup. If your mind is programmed with the characteristics of the wrong person, there is nothing external that can help you. You must break this pattern. With the correct sentences, statements and actions, you can change the characteristics of the wrong partner that is in your mind and manifest a different relationship

Repeat the following sentence:

“I am building in my mind the kind of man/woman I want. The man/woman I attract to be my husband/wife is strong, capable, loving, masculine or femenine, successful, honest, loyal and faithful. He or she finds true love and happiness with me. I love our life together. I know he or she loves me and I love him or her. I am honest, sincere, loving and kind to him or to her. I have wonderful talents to offer him or her: my kindness, a cheerful heart and a healthy body. He or she offers me the same. Our relationship is mutual, I give and receive. The infinite intelligence of the Universe knows where this man or woman is. And the wisdom of my mind today unites us both and we recognize ourselves immediately. I deliver this request to my mind and the Universe, who knows how to make my wishes come true. I give thanks for the perfect response to my request. "

Do this prayer day and night. Be certain that the answer is on your way. So Believe

Why do I believe in love relationship?

I used to think that marriage was meaningless and that it was just a piece of paper. But the more time I spend with my husband Jack, and the more challenges we overcome together, the more beautiful the marriage seems to me. I realize that the more love and forgiveness I give, the more love and forgiveness I receive. I can clearly see that the things that annoy me are a reflection of my negativity at that moment.

It's hard to promise to love someone for more than 20 years, but we can promise to do our best every day. Life in company makes us grow faster than if we are alone in the world. Life as a couple is worth it.

If you are single, you have tried everything and nothing works, give the opportunity to this new strategy. You will be impressed. If you already have your partner, I invite you to share this article with a friend who is alone and needs guidance. Leave me your comments and questions below and do not forget to like this video..

This is Lila Lotus and wish you and incredible and lovely day

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