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Forgiveness, the most important tool for healing

Learning to forgive is one of the most powerful healing tools that exist, because it impacts both your spiritual body, as well as your physical and emotional bodies. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

When you apply forgiveness to the people who caused you harm, your loved ones, to yourself and even to the concept you have of Divinity (God, Universe, etc.), you cut the emotional poison and the negative charge that kept you trapped to the past.

Working to learn to forgive is a healing experience that we all have the ability to perform, and that allows you to enjoy your present, in fullness, eliminate guilt and as consequence you also eliminates the stress, which harms your physical body so much.

Important: When you forgive you are not giving the reason to those who hurt you, you downplay your feelings or give an excuse to those who mistreated you. This type of thinking constitutes an ego trap, and you must be careful to avoid it.

Forgiveness helps you to reconcile with the past, accept yourself as you are, and banish any rejection you have towards yourself.

Forgiveness heals you, disengages you from everything that causes pain, so that you can see the past as learning and not as a bag of blame.


The Mexican doctor and writer, Don Miguel Ruiz (1952), in his book “Prayers. Inspiration and guided meditations to live with love and happiness ”(2003), proposes the following prayer to connect with the energy of forgiveness:

Today, Creator, grant me the courage and the will to forgive the people I love the most. Help me to forgive every injustice I feel in my mind, and to love other people unconditionally. I know the only way to heal all the pain in my heart is through forgiveness.

Today, Creator, strengthen my will to forgive everyone who has hurt me, even if I believe the offense is unforgivable. I know that forgiveness is an act of self-love. Help me to love myself so much that I forgive every offense. Let me choose forgiveness because I don't want to suffer every time I remember the offense.

Today, Creator, help me to heal all the guilt in my heart by accepting the forgiveness of everyone I have hurt in my life. Help me to sincerely recognize the mistakes I have made out of ignorance, and give me the wisdom and determination to refrain from making the same mistakes. I know that love and forgiveness will transform every relationship in the most positive way. Thank you, Creator, for giving me the capacity to love and forgive.

Today, I open my heart to love and forgiveness so that I can share my love without fear. Today I will enjoy a reunion with the people I love the most.

May forgiveness explode in your heart and allow you to be FREE!

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