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Do not resist, just FLOW!

Every experience we live influences the way we act, feel and think. Somehow, it transforms us, either little by little or by leaps and bounds. It all depends on the importance we give it. The problem is when the circumstances we live hit us so hard that they are able to wobble and turn our world upside down and suddenly, we do not know how to act .Expectations can hurt us a lot.

Sometimes we become obsessed with everything going perfect, that is, as we had thought. We cling to an ideal future scenario in which all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly waiting for reality to happen as is. The point is that when it arrives with its imperfections, we realize that there are many pieces that do not fit, others that are missing and some that you had never thought of them. Therefore, you feel frustrated, lost and uncomfortable.

Now, who assured us that everything would be perfect? No one. It was just an assumption of our mind. The truth is that perfection is not always the best way. Being attached to make things happen as we wish can be one of the biggest obstacles in our path. So, what to do?

Let flow ! Letting ourselves be surprised and accepting what life brings us can be a wonderful option if we live it with responsibility and commitment. But what exactly is this attitude about?

Letting flow is receiving with love what life brings you. Going against the current carries the risk of drowning if we are not very experienced. It is as if we get caught in an infinite storm. On one side, we try too hard, running out of energy and exhausted and on the other hand, we hope that circumstances change and we can achieve it. However, if we practice the art of letting everything flow it will be easier.

Letting flow means letting the spool of thread unleash. It is accepting instead of fighting, taking advantage of the current to go where we want. This implies letting us be surprised by what happens at each moment, instead of planning to the fullest.

Letting flow is an art, a wonderful challenge that will make us freer.

It is about receiving with love and acceptance what life brings us, knowing how to extract the learning from each experience and above all, to be aware that it is impossible to control everything. In this way, when we let ourselves be surprised, we will begin to enjoy every moment. In addition, we will get rid of the frustration generated by the clash between what we had imagined and what actually happens.

If we try to control what is going to happen, we will spend energy because most variables are beyond our control. Now, if we cultivate the attitude of patience and wait to see what happens, it will be much easier for the worry to disappear because we stop focusing on the future to be in the present.

How to let flow?

Letting flow is the art of being carried away, pleasantly surprised and as consequence you release the fears that keep you away from growing. It is living the present in full rule. There are many ways to practice this wonderful art. These are some of the most effective:

Practice acceptance

It is the first step for the flow to become part of your philosophy of life. Accepting what happens around us, instead of fighting against it is the basic premise. We often insist that circumstances happen as we expect and people act as we had thought but this is only a chat of your mind. It can happen or not. Therefore, there is nothing to expect, but to accept and release, we will decide what to do when the moment arrive. Do not panic now. Just accept and embrace the lesson.

Connect with the present

Living in the here and now, in connection with each moment allows us to flow because it frees us from the weight of the past and the expectations of the future.

Embrace the learnings

If you get the fruit of each experience, even if it is not too pleasant, it will be easier to let it flow. We can learn from everything and everyone, let's not forget it.

Open to the unexpected

Every moment is unique. Instead of rejecting what we don't know, why don't we take risks? Of course, from the responsibility and commitment of course.


Meditation is a powerful exercise to begin to come into contact with oneself, to inquire within ourselves and to awaken. Thanks to it we will develop our sensibility much more and of course, we will connect with the present.

When we have begun to let flow, it will be easier and easier not to go against the flow. There are things we cannot fight for, and we spend a lot of time, energy and anger trying to force them to give themselves as we want. Being patient and letting the path show us where to go, will help us to live more fully.

Many blessings divine soul

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