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Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I am with you. My energy connects itself with yours; feel it around and through you. I am no stranger to you. We are familiar to each other, so feel that familiarity. The Christ energy is not foreign to you. In your heart there is a flame, an inspiration, a desire, and also a knowing, that this is the life and times in which you want to embody your Christ light here on Earth. You have waited a long time for this opportunity. You have carried this tiny spark within yourself through multiple lifetimes, and now you sense that a new opportunity has come. One of the reasons you wanted to be born on Earth at this time was for the promise of that spark to burst into a flame that is clearly visible to yourself and to others. The desire that brings you here is to form, in one way or another, a channel for the divine soul energy in yourself to be realized in this life on Earth. You want to be carried along by the song of your soul. You want to remember who you are beyond what has shaped your life on Earth from the outside.

Each of you acquires opinions and beliefs about yourself during your upbringing. You absorb ideas and images from your parents, family, peers, school, etc. You begin to play certain roles without questioning them, and you soon develop something called a “personality”: a set of habits, behaviors, and thoughts. But at some time in the course of growing up, something else awakens in you. First, it is no more than a whisper; a memory that you cannot place; a knowing that you are more than what is just determined by the world outside yourself. There is something deeper, a layer that cannot be contained and understood by the human intellect. Herein lies your core, that which precedes and survives the earthly sphere – your soul.

When your soul incarnates on Earth, it has already acquired a history. The soul carries within itself all kinds of impressions from other lives and experiences in the cosmos. You are not a blank page when you are born; you have already developed wisdom through all your previous experiences. You come into this life with something to give; you are already a unique flower at birth. And life is actually meant to make that flower viable and visible; to bring it into full radiant bloom. However, due to the influences you acquired during your youth, you can be kept back from this unfolding for a long time. You try to conform to what is demanded of you, and that adjustment often brings pain, because you are depriving yourself by doing so. Exterior forces can be very compelling and decisive for you. You all who are present here or read this now want to liberate yourself from these forces. Pressures from your environment try to influence and define you, and keep you in check, but like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you seek to liberate yourself from these exterior forces. And what is it that you are driven by? By a remembrance, a whispering, a knowing that is very slight at first and can not find its fulfillment in the visible world, but only in the depth of your inner being.

There within, you still dare to dream; there within, you sometimes know very clearly who you are. Sometimes you literally travel Home in your dreams during the night to drink from a source so vivid, so familiar, and so pure. When you are there, you cannot imagine how you could ever have forgotten – yet it is so. You have lost yourself in the life on Earth mainly because fear and judgment and negativity are still so prevalent in the world.Because of their own powerlessness, parents and teachers do not often give their children faith in themselves and in their inner resources – forgive them for that. They, too, have fallen prey to these worldly influences; they have succumbed in part to the illusions prevalent on Earth. But you have come here to shatter those illusions, which makes you a Lightworker. Someone who wants to help change consciousness on Earth, so people can begin again to believe in their own unique strength – the soul that transcends their earthly personality – and to bring it into song.You are courageous. On the one hand, you are wounded through losing your way in this reality, and this painful experience becomes a part of your path in life. But on the other hand, you have also found the path to within from hearing the whispering of your soul. Sometimes it is hard to really trust, because you feel the pull of the old thoughts that keep you small; the feelings of uncertainty and doubt. And in fact, as a child, you learned that those feelings were correct and true: keep yourself small; do not stand out; do not act weird, do not think beyond the norm; adjust; be a good citizen; be a dear partner and a good parent; be responsible.All those supposedly high values all too often keep you small, and require of you to hide your originality. But once you have started to go inward, you can no longer go back. You can no longer ignore your uniqueness, your strength, and your being different, and this inspires fear in you: “If I follow the voice of my heart, the cry of my soul, will I not become an outsider and be shunned? Who will love me, who will want to accept me then? Will I still be welcome?” I see that doubt in your hearts, and I ask you to first reflect on who you are: that other part that wants to move off the beaten path; that continues to want to go inward; that remembers something: a homesickness, a longing. Feel the energy of that “I”, that other part of you. Welcome it on Earth, and feel the power and the wisdom of this part of you. It is your soul that speaks and that has tapped you on the shoulder your whole life long and begs for your attention. The soul never speaks with coercion or with judgment, with severity or with threats, such as do the voices of authority. The soul whispers, invites, speaks with joy: “Would this not be nice, would it not be wonderful and inspiring to do this?” Often you are afraid to listen to that voice. “Can this really be? May I then just do and enjoy what I really, really like?” The soul speaks an entirely different language than you are used to.The soul is no outside power making demands on you; the soul serves you. That sounds strange to your ears, because you are accustomed to thinking: “I must serve my soul, the higher part of me”. But the soul equally serves you; it wants to shine through you, lift you up, bring you Home, inspire you to do what you really want and to be happy on Earth as a human being. Invite to yourself the joyous energy of your soul and do it now. Let it surround you, feel the gentleness of it – no compulsion, no requirements – just the feeling of being welcomed in a very deep way. Allow yourself to be received by your soul, and feel its presence around your body as a radiant cloak of Light. Then ask your soul: “What is important for me to know now? What do I need to know from you at this moment?” And feel its response; you do not even need to hear it in so many words. What kind of feeling, what type of mood does the soul want to convey to you? Let go of all thoughts about how a soul should speak and your ideas about higher and lower. Your soul is life itself! It is the living, natural life force and it knows where balance is needed, or a different rhythm, and it wants to give that to you willingly.If you feel that soul energy flow around and through your body, also observe what may be blocking it in places. Is there somewhere in your aura, or in your body where the Light can not flow through freely and completely?

Then go to the place that stands out as being most blocked. Have no judgment about it; be like the soul, just observe it, lightly, and with gentleness and openness. See the need in that place in your energy field or in your body, and know that the need does not have to be spoken of or explained in words; simply allow whatever is needed to flow toward it.You all are here today because you want to connect with a channeled being for one reason or another. But I say to you, beyond that desire is the greater desire for Home – the dwelling place where you can feel the reality of who you are – and to bring that Home down on Earth. That is why you are here! Feel how good and true that intention is. How you are going to do that and what form it will take exactly is of secondary importance. This desire is the voice of your soul. Your soul wants to manifest more clearly and fully in your life.Feel how familiar your soul is to you – the lightness and ease of it. That is the voice of love.

The “shoulds”, the heaviness, the pressure, the duty, are the voices of fear, the voices from outside yourself. The voice of your soul comes from within and sometimes speaks so softly and lightly that you do not hear it. Or the voice whispers gently and quietly: “So simple, is it not?” And it is as simple as that! The core of life is uncomplicated and light.Finally, I ask you to feel our common energy; that energy of us all together. Here and now, too, we create a channel for us all. And that means none other than that we are ourselves completely and without coercion; everything is allowed to be as it is, including the dark or fearful places. And at the same time there shines a Light on those places, the Light of your souls.I would like to conclude by saying: have respect for yourself, for your strength, for your courage you have shown thus far. It is not becoming of you to judge yourself, to make yourself small, to criticize yourself, even though you have learned that doing that is good or sensible. Try learning to have true respect for yourself, and to value your own courage and strength. That becomes you; that opens your channel to who you really are.

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