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Empower yourself, transform your life!

Biologial Decoding is one of the most innovative and effective approaches to illness and natural healing. It proposes a new way of decoding the symptoms (whether physical, emotional or mental), and resolving their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level through a signature methodology.

Biodecoding consists of  the art of helping people to find the hidden emotions associated with certain disease symptoms, in order to decode them and find a way to heal and thus, release hidden emotions in the unconscious and find a biological solution.  

When your brain is aware of the cause of the conflict, then at the moment there can be an instant shift and therefore healing can start.  Conflicts can be genetically inherited, and every conflict that we experience can cause a disease, manifesting in the physical body.  Every idea, every believe that our brain captures can cause a conflict.  In biodecoding we need to make the person aware of these conflicts to resolve them.  Until you are aware of these underlying conflicts, they can continue to do harm.  We must always remember that we create our own universe.

Benefits of Biodecoding:

  • How to clear psycho-emotional blocks

  • Were you ever frustrated by a challenge or tendency that would not resolve?

  • Did you realize that until the age of 7 you were in a hypnotic trance?


Every word, symbol, and interpretation, directly and indirectly, could enter your psyche as a post-hypnotic command.

This service is for a 1 Hour Biodecoding Session

Before the session some research needs to be done.  So it is important for you to email the following:


  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Diagnosis or Issue you want to work on

  • How long have you had this diagnosis/issue

“All diseases without exception have a special biological meaning and purpose that can be explained and understood through biology, embryology and evolutionary theories. All diseases are biological programs of adaption for survival when facing unexpected distress and life-threatening situations.”

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