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Learning with me 

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I've always believed education is the most incredible treasure you can give to some one. Certainly, I was lucky to be able to start my metaphysical studies at an early age (11 years old.) However, it doesn't matter your age or background; the truth is that in your awakening journey you will need guidance. And education gives you strong bases in your spiritual adventure.  

Providing others esoteric education has been a long dream for me. I wanted to guide others to shine, to help them to understand the information that has been always available for us, but many times hidden because of some interests in history.

The day we buried my daddy, I heard his voice telling me: life is too short, you do not have time. The time for your dreams is NOW.

So, as soon as I arrived home I created the "Energy Healing Academy" and one year after " Initiationis - The School of Mysteries."

It's an honor for me to hold your hand and show you step by step the direction to take while you navigate the Cosmos University. It's my pleasure to take this journey with you and show your soul information, codes and symbols that you already know within you. Many will resonate with you and will help you to tap into the mastery of who you are. 

Thank you for being here. Let's start this sacred  journey !

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I plant soul seeds to reforest the Earth. I believe that more I teach, more the jungle of the souls grow and we are doing our mission on this planet  !


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One year training to get all the guided course and tools to become "Certified Energy Healer." Four additional certifications, forums, clinic, live festival , daily interaction by Whatsapp and more...

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Two years  and a half program at an ancient Initiation School following the path of the greatest  Initiated in the world. Hermetic wisdom, 4 Initiation in 4 portals of the Earth, 44 clases, 22 forums and more.

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Womb Healer

Are you are ready to step into a powerful new role as an authentic feminine teacher and facilitator? “Womb Healer” 9 months program divided in 13 online classes, 3 rituals (in person or online), 1 private session, 6 forums.

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Tarot Reader

Seven months program to study the 78 cards of the Tarot. We will cover the study of the Rider-Waite Tarot and the Angel Tarot Cards. Meditation, practices, live festivals , forums and more...

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2 Levels, Over 20 hours online class in live, 2 forums, 2 social medias festival, 1 clinic, 2 Lila's books. Know to work with the 15 Archangels, Angel Therapy, Angel Rituals & Coaching. 

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Get certified as a "Akashic Records Practitioner." 9 hours online class in live, 3 forums, 1 clinic, 1 Social Medias Festival. Learn to access  and get information  from the Universal Library. 

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Get certified in 4 leves Reiki : Reiki I, II, Advanced and Master in 4 master classes.  12 hours online classes, 3 forums, 1 live clinic, 1 Social Medial Festival. Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Seichim Reiki.

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Past-Life Regression work has the potential to allow healing and communication to take place between our spiritual and logical self. 9 hours online classes, 3 forums, 1 clinic, 1 Social Medias Festival.

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