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School of Mysteries

following your initiatic path 

Welcome to the knowledge kept hidden for years and now available to those who are ready!

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New group 
Jan 16th 2023
7pm East

What is an Initiatic School?


Throughout time and history, there have always been human beings seeking beyond the material realities of their time, or knowledge that the vast majority is unaware of. Naturally or by attraction of some higher and universal law these people get together to be more successful in their desire for knowledge in an Initiatic School. These schools had their beginning long before the history of human activities was written, and at all times their members were willing to serve the best interests of people by teaching and guiding them to receive the greatest possible benefits from life.

The primary purpose of the teachings of an Initiatic School is to guide the individual into himself until he finds his own Metaphysical Center and ignites the Sacred Flame on his Inner Altar. This flame is the point of contact of man with the Source of all power and all Knowledge. It provides a Spiritual Center around which a fruitful, constructive and happy life can be built. The aspirant has to apply the teaching received in his daily life to obtain his inner development and the awakening of forces that he can use to achieve health, strength, vitality, balance, and comprehension of the Universe.

In the past, those who wanted to be admitted to an Initiatic School, underwent certain tests that had to reveal their mental and psychic qualities. The aspirant was locked up and left there with a little water and food, and a few days later he was asked to present the result of his meditations. Depending on the interpretation he made of the figure, he was accepted or not in the School

One of the most known School of Initiation is the Egyptian. The Initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries began when the aspirant entered through an entrance between the claws of the Sphinx, these were introduced to the initiatory tests through a staircase that leads to a complex maze of corridors that lead to the Cheops Pyramids, Khafre and Micerinos.

Now, the Initiatic Schools are open to all, which, on one hand, is a good thing, because each one at his level can, if he is sincere, find at least one truth that will allow him to progress.

The sages said: To achieve mastery, a man needs a total transformation of his physical, moral and intellectual. This modification is only possible by the simultaneous exercise of the Will, Intuition and Reasoning. The Initiatic Schools are here to help us to be in the center of our own existence and collaborate with planet Earth on its own evolution . 

Why today is important to enroll in this School?

The planet is under a great transformation as each human being as well. More than ever, your cells are ready, your heart is ready,  your mind is ready, your spirit is ready to be part of this cosmic project "Evolution of Gaia".  There are some who will listen to the call. And those who listen will play an active role in pursuing their soul mission.

If you are reading these lines, you are part of the beings being called. As you raise consciousness through ancient teachings and remember ancients codes, you play your role in this transformative journey in our solar system. Since 2012, specially after Covid, a great portal of transformation is taking place, leading humanity to balance. Many portals on Earth are getting ready  for that. Many souls are being called to be part of the movement. 


The time is today and the opportunity is here. In these two years and a half, we will walk together to ignite your inner Christ light in order to support the best the planet while you fulfill your planetary mission.  

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What is an Initation ? 

The one who studies and gets to know the hidden laws of life is called an Initiate. In ancient times, initiation was granted in the temples of Egypt and Greece under very severe conditions, since it was necessary to make a rigorous selection so that only those with outstanding moral and spiritual qualities reached the real and true initiation.  It was in Egypt that many supermen of spirituality received directly from the priests the science that allowed them to "recreate themselves" or regenerate themselves. The candidate for initiation was arriving totally devoid of knowledge, only carried the intense desire to know the truth, the knowledge of the mysteries or laws of nature, symbolized by Isis.

The one who studies and gets to know the hidden laws of life is called an Initiate. In ancient times, Initiation was granted in the temples of Egypt and Greece under very severe conditions, since it was necessary to make a rigorous selection so that only those with outstanding moral and spiritual qualities reached the real and true initiation.  It was in Egypt that many supermen of spirituality received directly from the priests the science that allowed them to "recreate themselves" or regenerate themselves. The candidate for initiation arrived totally devoid of knowledge, he only carried the intense desire to know the truth, the knowledge of the mysteries or laws of nature, symbolized by Isis.

The students were conferred in all their purity the sciences of Occultism, knowledge that had been jealously transmitted and kept. Through this knowledge, the student's inferior nature was transmuted until his complete identification with his own spirit was achieved.

Initiation is an internal experience in which the aspirant is instructed about the use of that spiritual power that he has treasured by living in harmony with the Laws of God and overcoming his own ego. The Initiation is the process to achieve the mastery of certain values and practices in order to serve their aspirant's inner higher self, humanity and planetary evolution. Through certain rites in powerful places, you will be Initiated to path of the Mysteries laws as ancient teachers did. There are five initiations that will take place in two years in portals of planet Earth. 


Program Initiationis 

Initiationis School summarizes the synthesis of universal knowledge, of the initiatory schools of the past, traditional practical methods, the most outstanding techniques of the paths of upward transformation, and the sublime teachings for the integral and complete development of the Being. The school is not only a psychophysical and / or intellectual training program, but also the sublime state of a transcendental high reality that potentially resides in the depths of every person and self-conscious entity, which has always awaited to be able to reveal and express in all its dimension. The Program of Initiationis School of Mysteries corresponding to a New Path for the integral development of inner potential, focuses on providing the tools and instruments of knowledge, methods and techniques for channeling the stadium where the human being experiences its fullness. The Initiatic School provides a vast and complete study plan of the holistic and eclectic path that shapes the synthesis of universal knowledge for the development of latent human capacities and the expansion of consciousness. The classes will be taken online in Live time and recorded if the student needs to listen again or can not attend to a specific class. The program comprehend  the following topics :

  • Metaphysics from Lemuria to our times 

  • Mystical techniques to develop telepathy

  • Esoteric rituals and traditions 

  • Prepare your own rituals 

  • Study of religions and philosophies 

  • Do energetic cleansing at higher levels

  • Activate master quartz

  • Activation of sacred places

  • Healing techniques to meet with your Sacred Alchemy, Activation of bodies of Light

  • Practice and activations

  • Astral travel 

  • Numerology

  • DNA Codification 

  • Angelic, Ascended Master and Cosmic Conseil connection 

  • Develop your gifts among many other things…

The 2 years program includes 44 classes covering the topics mentioned above and many others related to the Sacred Path of the School of Mysteries, and the Activation of Sacred Places on Earth. If you wish to receive more detailed information, click the link below.



They are two kind of students: those who are or has been at the Energy Healing Academy or the High Priestess, and those who are not. 

  • People who are not or have been not in the Academy or HP program, the program consists in 44 classes. Additionally, in order to get the Initiations and participate of the Activation of Sacred Places, you need to have taken 2 certifications with Lila . You can choose between: Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Certified Tarot Reader or just the High Priestess Training.

  • For those who are or have been in the Energy Healing Academy or the High Priestess, the program consists  in 33 classes .

Great Initiates








Manco Capac

Mama Ocllo


Mary Magdalene 




Hermes Trismegistus





Joseph of Arimathea

Jhon the Baptist

Essenes School




Templo of Delphi


Templo of Luxor










The Initiations and Activations

Activations are a powerful healing energy that works to clear out old and lower vibrational memories, thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of your body, auric field, and DNA.

As the blocks and the lower energy patterns are removed, your body receives new, higher vibrational light codes for every part of your being. This helps increase the amount of light to flow through you, and it allows you to create a new, more pleasant and loving life.

The human body has been preparing through growth and consciousness, through re-awakening of dormant DNA, to hold the energies of the Temples.  You are not yet full Temples of the Sun, but you are moving toward that, and it must be done in groups.  As you experience Initiations and Activations at sacred sites, two things happen – one, you are communicating to the land on behalf of mankind, telling the Earth that mankind has been listening and is consciously awakening.  As a group you communicate to the temples and to the inner world and the temples and the inner world communicate to you.  They vibrate a resonance of silence. The sound of silence is the sound that will prepare more of your DNA to hold the codes and the energies that are now held by the temples. 


Now is the time to bring those energies that have been held in the temples back into humanity for the chapter of great evolution we are passing together as human nation. Once you hold some of the codes, some of the energies of the ancient temples, more activating codes will be attracted to as you are ready. becoming an Initiated.  You become a ‘lending library’ or reservoir of codes and energies that other humans can then access. You are ‘humanizing’ divine codes so that ordinary people who don’t necessarily care about spiritual growth, who think it’s strange to talk about divine codes, can have them too. You are bringing divinity into human form. That's why doing an Initiation and Activation in a sacred place is so important !

The program "Initiationis School of Mysteries" consist in 5 Initiations. The aspirant can complete the Initiations  & Activations in any time considered appropriated by him or her. Lila will be guiding groups on the dates mentioned below. The Initations & Activations will be made in 4 centers of the Earth and the 5th will be made at the homeland of the aspirant. Imagine yourself walking on the same places were master teachers have been trained, initiated, and activated. Are you ready for this journey of self transformation? 

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Place of Initiation :  Stonehenge - Avalon -England

Date TBC:  JULY 202322

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Place of Initiation : EGYPT - JORDAN 

Date TBC:  October 20232

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Place of Initiation : ALASKA- US

Date TBC:  JULY 2024

Image by Hari Nandakumar
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Place of Initiation :  TIBET - NEPAL - BHUTAN 

Date TBC:  november 20242

Image by Daniele Salutari
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"Initiations, School of Mysteries " 

"Initiationis School of Mysteries" investment :

44 classes in 2 years and half :  $ 4288

+ 25 forums 

Students of the  Energy Healing Academy or High Priestess: $3288

+ 25 forums 

New group 
Jan 16th 2023
7pm East

** This price includes 2 additional certifications demanded for Initiation ( Angel Healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, or Past Life Regression)

** This price includes initiations done in South Florida (Broward) or by Zoom

** The price does not include the trip, Initiation and Activation in the 4 sacred places


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As above as below, as inside as outside

About theSchool  

By definition, a Mystery School is a group of initiates who have dedicated themselves to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the mystery teachings. Throughout the ages the Mystery Schools have hidden in plain sight. They have built magnificent temples all over the world and provided services both to the public and behind closed door for only ‘those who have eyes to see,’ and ‘those who have ears to hear.’


The mystery school teachings were forced to go underground in order to protect and preserve the sacred teachings. Since then, one would have to be invited in to the school to study, after careful observation, only once that individual had truly proven themselves ready and dedicated. Many mystery schools to this day still operate in this way. However, Initiationis School of Mysteries is considered an “open” Initiatic School.


Hi, I am Lila Lotus and I started my path on the School of Mysteries at a young age in Bolivia. The Theosophical Society was the first School that gave me all the bases for continuing my esoteric education and spiritual path. In 2000, a scholarship  was offered to me to study in Spain leading my path to the Rosicrucian in Madrid. And since then I’ve been operating with the mystic knowledge kept secret for others and revealed to some adepts. 


With the huge wave of planetary transformation, I’ve decided to open those teachings to people ready to receive the ancient knowledge through an online School of Mysteries. And INITIATIONIS came to life. 

Initiationis is an online mystery school like no other, here to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality. We will give you tools to bring home with you, in a step-by-step, 2-year and half immersion to inspire your path to Self-realization. This school for spiritual awakening will draw from the wisdom of ancient and modern teachings, non-dual texts from ancient school of mysteries, quantum physics and other scientific findings, and teachings of the mystics, sages, and saints, to help you discover your authentic Self.


You will learn techniques to develop intuition, stillness, and trust in your inner voice. You will engage in live online sessions, forums, permanently WhatsApp group, assignments, energy healing training, retreats, rituals, extra videos and tools, and more. With all of these, feelings of deprivation, meaninglessness, and separation will melt away, and make way for true fulfillment and inspiration. In this expansion of the mind, the discovery of your inner strength and limitlessness can naturally unfold, as Initiationis School of Mysteries is here solely to invigorate your heart’s desire to master yourself and help humanity fulfilling their soul mission.

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