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Hire me as a Speaker

Motivational Speakers can inspire your group more than any type of keynote speaker in the world. Some motivational speakers are people who have overcome great odds, grown their businesses to an amazing success —some start out their day not even planning to be a professional speaker, then suddenly, they do something miraculous and their story takes the nation by storm and their story inspires like no other.

Imagine a great motivational speakers appearing at your conference, convention, or lecture series.
Motivate your sales team, inspire your conference attendees, or bring a little inspiration to your audience.

Why choose Lila?

  • Lila is an inspiration for individuals and groups looking for living a life with purpose.

  • Her life experiences living in different countries of the world, corporate, career, business management, travel around the 4 continents, her studies and practices in metaphysics, esoterism, ancestral wisdom, lineages, multicultural environment, ecosystem knowledge, and the spiritual path, all  channeled to create impactful, knowledgable, and pace-changing keynotes for both businesses and individuals.

  • Lila is the founder and teacher of the "Energy Healing Academy," where she trains coaches and healers who wish to serve humanity. 

  • Lila is the founder and president of "Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization,"  a charitable cause working on healing and unifying our world through dedicated support to Indigenous Communities of the Americas and education for children in less advantage areas of our continent.

  • Lila is the founder of "Gaia Gardeners," an ancestral approach of education for the modern life adapted to US. It's based on an ancestral way of education  on the method WARISATA from Avelino Siñani, a Bolivian teacher who introduced a unique educational system for indigenous people in Bolivia in 1930. 

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