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High Priestess

The Sacred Training 

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April 10th

Calling all Healers, Wisdom-Keepers, Teachers, Earth Protectors, Sacred Activists, and Highly Sensitive Women Ready to Live and Serve at their Highest Potential


Devotion, Beauty, and Service


Welcome to the heart of the Mystery, the space between the seen and unseen, where your inner Priestess resides

Beloved Sister,

I invite You to Re-Member again

your Souls High Lineage

your deepest Knowings

your precious Gifts

your magnificence Being


 to now fully step into your Divine Feminine Power! 

The High Priestess Path… 

Claim your Role as a Priestess

It is my great honor to walk the Path of the Priestess with you!

Are you being called to embrace and honor your psychic, healing and leadership abilities?

  • You have been walking the path as Priestess for many lifetimes now and a deep remembrance has emerged. You are willing to reclaim who you are and who you have always been.

  • You are being called to serve for the highest good of all and elevate your spiritual essence.

  • You are exploring the Mystery to heal yourself and become a clear vessel for authentic co-creation with the Universe.


What is a High Priestess?


A High Priestess is a Woman who bridge between the physical and the spiritual world by listening to her Intuition and inner Wisdom. She is the embodiment of the Divine Priestess, the Goddess, and the Healer.


She is a space-holder, leader of a movement, of highest service to collective awakening, a vessel for the divine, a living embodiment of love. She is a Mother, she is a Sister, she is the Daughter, she is the Lover, She is Divinity in the matter. She honors the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine principle within all. She integrates all these aspects with grace and magnificence building harmony in all her creations.

Why should I follow the Path of the High Priestess?

Many women are feeling the Call to reclaim their Priestess Wisdom and their place among Ancient Priestess Lineages.


This High Priestess Training is an opportunity for you to join this Global Movement of Divine Feminine Leaders and to finally follow your inner Knowing & Intuition towards Prosperity, inner Peace and Deep Fulfillment!

People all over the world need your dedicated devotion & connection to spirit.

By taking the training, you will not only receive a Certification at the end of the Program, have a sisterhood for life with a sacred group of High Priestess, but also you will: 


  • Discover the rewards of being a sacred guide for others

  • Stand in your strength, sovereignty and personal power

  • Develop spiritual self-mastery

  • Hold space for people to connect deeply to their souls

  • Devote yourself to the Priestess Path

  • Explore what being a Priestess can mean to you

  • Be able to heal other women and your sacred divine feminine lineage

  • Hold ceremonies, rituals for other group of women

  • Lead a group of sisterhood and share your Higher Wisdom with them

  • Embody the Priestess, the Goddess and the Healer that resides within you


This program will nurture and help you reclaim your power and calling as a Priestess


We’ll enter the mystery together. At every step of the way, you’ll be encouraged to listen to your inner wisdom and be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine.

From theory to embodied experience

  • Embark on a transformative experience and be initiated into a worldwide movement of profound creative and spiritual realization.

  • Move from theory to practice to embody vital spiritual and conscious leadership that will touch every aspect of your life.

  • Journey to meet your deepest self, activate your soul’s calling and skillfully guide others on their path.

  • Advance your learning in an immersive collective with other radiant and luminous women.



Enroll the High Priestess today!

I want to change my destiny and become a High Priestess

High Priestess 


Stage 1 

mary magdalene .jpg
lila shamanic.jpg

Stage 2

Stage 3

The Priestess 

The Goddess 

The Healer


Get initiated as a Priestess in 3 months following the Wheel of the Highest Priestess. From ancient school of Mysteries to the exploration of past lives information. Coding, symbols, sacred geometry. 4 classes, 2 forums, 1 main initiatic ritual. 


Get initiated with 8 goddess to embody the sacred Goddess within. Explore rituals, ceremonies, sacred dances, daily practices, magical aspects, archetypes, moon cycle relationship, embracing the power of the divine feminine. Performed during 4 months. 8 classes, 3 forums, 1 main ritual. 


Be the healer! During 9 months you will explore the ancient path of the medicine of the Earth to become a "Womb Healer." You will be able to perform your healing rituals to other women in need. 13 classes, 6 forums, 3 healing ceremonies where you will receive healing as you learn and practice. 


Stage 4


The Divine Union

During two months we will explore the alchemical divine marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The duality fusing in the Unity. Two classes, one forum and One Divine Ceremony in the last Two months of the Program.


Enroll the High Priestess today!

I want to change my destiny and become a High Priestess

Join us to unlock the Sacred Keys inside of YOU !

When You Enroll in Priestess Training, You’ll Receive:

Working Remotely

Through consistent alchemy practice, alchemical healing, initiations with the Goddess Archetypes you will be taken on a deep journey of spiritual awakening, empowerment and transformation of the wounds that have held you back from embodying your sacred feminine leadership. 



Initiatic Path of the Priesthood

Complete 18 months Training Program 

You will be guided step by step to remember information about your experience as a Priestess in previous incarnations. You also will be guided to recover information that have been available from history and ancient School of Mysteries related to the path of a Priesthood.


After the period of Priesthood, you will be ready to take different initiations with leading Goddess archetypes. Isis, Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Hathor, Sekhmet, Kali, Mary Magdalene, will be our main guides and allies. 



This part of the training “The Womb Healer” will take you on a deep inner healing journey, awakening your Womb power, immersing you in wisdom of the feminine healing arts, connecting you back to the Centre of Creation - the Universal Womb.



Goddess Transmissions 

The Womb Healer 

Smiling Woman

Following the schedule, we will have 27 potent online connection call ceremony with Lila. These group sessions are powerful and support you to embody the transmissions and to receive personal support.



Following the schedule, we will have 6 powerful online, and live sacred rituals consecrated to experience the strength, the vibrant sacred space and the magic to hold ceremonies and rituals. After the program, you will be able to hold those rituals to others.


27 Live Call Classes /


6 Live Sacred Rituals

During the period of training, you will have the proper time to digest the information received. However, there are answers that can arise and the Forum will give you the platform to receive answer to your questions, express your comments and your experiences. 


Working on Laptop

All the course content is available for you inside of a course portal. This is our online sacred school, where everything is kept in a streamlined organized for easy access and so you can move at your own pace through the material.



13 Forum Calls

Online Course Portal

Online Meditation

Each week you will receive recorded guided practices in the form of audio recordings or videos. Regular practice supports you to unlock the codes of your soul and awaken your divine mission.



Each week you with receive a beautiful altar card with an image and invocation in dedication to the Goddess we are working with..Included in the programe are pdf’s with written teachings and inspirations to take you deeper with your exploration and empowerment.


Meditations & Videos

Altar Cards, Affirmations

& Pdf’s


An important connective part of the High Priestess Training is our facebook & WhatsApp sisterhood sharing circle where we meet in a shared dedication to evolutionary sisterhood, calling each other to rise. 


Sisterhood Circle in FB & WhatsApp Group

whatsapp group.jpeg

An optional Sacred Pilgrimage will be offered only for the students of "High Priestess" in France. Discover the magic of what people have known for centuries, uncover the secrets the land has to offer. We will visit churches, natural spots, caves and ancient sites to facilitate amazing transformations.


Enroll the High Priestess today!

I want to change my destiny and become a High Priestess

Step into your Power, Become the High Priestess!

The High Priestess Program Tuition

  • Your 27 online and live modules on Powerful Lessons ~rituals ~ ceremonies – over 60 hours of classes in all

  • Your Six Sacred Rituals ~ practice where you will put into practice what you have learned. You will receive your own materials. You will benefit of the rituals as well.

  • A Past Life Regression Session with Lila

  • One private session with Lila

  • Your High Priestess Library

  • Online Portal available whenever you need

  • A priceless Closing Ceremony

  • 13 sessions of forum for answering questions 

  • Extra videos with meditations and tips

  • Material in form of PDF to support your Priestess path 

  • Opportunity to join the Sacred Pilgrimage “ The Path of Mary Magdalene”in the glorious France 

  • Discount in any other class, workshop or personal reading by Lila Lotus except shamanic services

  • Private Community of Priestess Like-Minded Souls

  • Esteemed Certification with Lila certified by Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization

  • A friendship for life with Lila


Total Value: $6133

Your High Priestess Certification Investment:  $3333

Payment plans available!!

* Students of the Energy Healing Academy or School of Mysteries get $333 discount 

Next group 
April 10th

About the Mentor


I am glad you have found me.  My name is Lila Lotus, an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Iris Diagnosis Specialist, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Esoteric Mentor, Motivational Speaker, creator of SOULution, creator of The Healer’s Journey spiritual retreats, founder and president of Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization.


Ancient Wisdom has been a passion and a life mission for me. I started my path with the School of Mysteries at 11 years old. And still this path amazes me. After a dead experience, I decided to teach, to do not keep with me what for over 33 years has been taught to me. 

I believe it's time to reforest planet Earth with more Wisdom. I believe High Priestesses are the keepers of this heritage for future generations. It's my desire that High Priestesses around the world help this planetary mission of helping Earth to evolve. 


With over 15 years of experience in Body, Mind & Spiritual healing, I offer an unique approach blending the knowledge of Life Coaching, Herbal Medicine, Angel & Shamanic Healing, NLP, Bio-decoding, Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and many other holistic techniques. Let's walk the path of Priesthood together !


What just few of our students are saying 

"The Path of Mary Magdalene" Retreat in France 2023


Michele Victoria


Lila has helped changed my life in more ways that I can count. She is a true gift to my life and to this planet. I had the honor to work deeply with her for over a year & the tools I have gained from her Energy Healer Academy, School of Mysteries and High Priestess Program have been invaluable. Her connection to source, the angelic realm and ancestral healing are unparalleled.

Lila is a true Master healer & teacher in all of the work she does. She truly walks this path with the utmost humility & highest integrity. She wants you to succeed, she knows everyone has special gifts & she helps you find it and guides you to