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"Growth" Package
6 months to transform and shine

Empower yourself, transform your life!

Are you struggling with your life? You probably feel stocked, and you are seeking for freedom, for empowerment, for vision...

You used to be happy and free, but somewhere along your road to success you lost yourself.

Maybe you lost your voice. Your confidence. Your sass. You lost the spark that makes YOU!

Anxiety is running the show- you’re no longer connected to your precious body. It doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

Thoughts of doubt still take you out of the game despite all the work you’ve done on your mindset, and you find yourself self sabotaging over and over again.

You’re no longer inspired by your message. 

You want to overcome anxiety, fear, anger, overwhelm, and/or sadness that is blocking your wisdom from coming through. Perhaps your soul is looking for help, for guidance...

Coaching is all about helping you move from where you are to WHERE WANT TO BE. Coaches are change experts who help clients take responsibility for their lives and act to maximize their own potential & inner gifts. It isn't about fixing people. It is about believing and supporting others God-given Destiny.

My role is to help you find your own answers, to empower you, and to give you new tools and skills to create the life you wish to have. You have the wisdom within you! You just need to remember it. I will help you get there. Working together through this sacred journey, you will be given the powerful support you need to move peacefully into your future and live a balanced, and meaningful life. Reaching your potential allows a life of freedom, choice, purpose, living in a happy state enjoying the journey of your own Life!

This is how you get there with "Growth" package: 

  • 2 Hour Skype intensive to find your Soul message. I will do a Soul Reading to go deeper and explore  what you do not know yet. We will be able to set elaborate and do-able action plan that will be easy to follow by you. 

  • 22 sessions of 75 minutes in 6 months. The sessions will be adapted to achieve your program goal (Sessions done over the phone or in person.)

  • Soul Calling Packet to fill out before we begin so I can receive your desires, witness your fears, and tune into your mission that you aren’t even aware of yet. My questions will guide you, all you have to do is show up.

  • 23 Breakthrough Homework Assignments crafted to your needs to reclaim your wisdom and focus as the Radiant Soul that is within you!

  • Weekly Email to support your divine messaging, emotional processing, and breakthrough assignments.

  • 2 texts per week to support your path along this journey. 

  • Welcome Packet of orientation materials to set you up for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual success on this journey together.

  • Books: "Angels walk beside you" and "Angels walk beside you 2" by Lila Lotus

  • Oracle Cards: "Past Life - A journey to the memories of your Soul" by Lila Lotus.

  • Feedback Check Point every month for you to share your feedback with me so I can serve you better and feed your unique love language. I’m so committed to your greatness that I want to make sure my coaching and assignments are landing for you in safe, sacred, and powerful ways.  Your honesty is welcome.

$3333 paid in front or $600 per month.  

It will be an honor to walk with you during your sacred journey!

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