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We are very happy to announce the following events in Broward and Miami. These events are excellent for those looking for healing and enlightment. Very soon video stream. See you soon tribe!


March 29th 6pm to 8pm Fort Lauderdale & ONLINE


With a lot of joy, I invite YOU to be part of my first book release "ANGELS WALK BESIDE YOU 2" in Fort Lauderdale. After a year of work, I present this gift for everyone who wants to know about another kind of healing, a very soothe, tender but powerful medicine coming from Angels and Archangels.

This is the book that follows my first book launched last year (2019) and will give you more insights about working with angels in other areas. On this book I share with you the experience and the information I've received during this 18 years of work with my dear celestial friends. I talk about:

~ Angels and Ascended Masters & 7 Rays
~ Angels, Earth elements and 4 directions
~ Angels numerology
~ Angel Detox
~ Past life and Angels
~ Akashic Records and Angels
~ Karma and Angels
~ Dream codes and angels
~ Introduction to Angel Magic
~ Angel Therapy

Everyone is welcome to come, to pass by . All love is received with open heart.  Facebook event page:

Thank you for your support!

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December 11th 9:30am - Fort Lauderdale

** Only WOMEN Ceremony ** 

The womb is a sacred space that embraces ALL experiences, and holds every imprint of our deepest grief. When we don't fully express and deeply explore this grief, in the container of love and forgiveness , we lose part of our self. Our connection with our life force , to the creative power of our Womb, dismisses and become blocked. When we open to this grief again, allowing it to be felt and held in innocence, our love can flow again - we can integrate the most traumatic experience, bringing it into our hearts to receive love and acceptance.

This ceremony is perfect for women who have experienced:
* Abortions
* Miscarriages
* Can not have babies
* Have lost a baby or child
* Sexual abuse
* Take back feminine power
**** This process will be confidential and in silence. No one has to give any explanation about the past. We respect the process of everybody!

The workshop will be guided by Lila Lotus who have been living and been trained by " Bolivian shamans" in the Andes and the Amazons.
You will enjoy and learn "medicine songs" used in ceremonies and healing practices.
Come and enjoy discovering and practicing the energy of PACHAMAMA.

** Please wear white clothes, bring a white veil or towel to cover yourself during the Despacho. Bring a white flower, and a letter for your baby or child (if it's the case).
** If you have had an abortion, please choose a name for your baby. We will name your baby to let him/her go to a sacred place in WINAYMARCA (The Eternal City).
** Please bring a cushion, yoga mat, or pillow to sit.
** Water to drink.

Price: $55 in advance - $65 at the door
For early payment:
Paypal to:
Venmo or CashApp to Lila Lotus adding the name of the ceremony and your name
ZELLE: 954-6070913
Reservations to

Facebook event page:

April 30th

August 18th

November 18th

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November 14th, 10 am - Fort Lauderdale 

In this journey of two hours we will explore the ancestral healing knowledge of the Andes Mountains kept for years by Aymara & Quechua people.

In this workshop you will enjoy:
- a sacred ritual for healing including water blessing, Tobacco blessing, and herbs blessing
- live medicine songs
- healing tea
- You will enjoy a "WAXTA- Despacho- Mesa" ceremony for an intention you could bring that night (healing-prosperity-relationships)
- You will receive a cleansing based on indigenous path

The workshop will be guided by Lila Lotus, born in Bolivia and who has been living and been trained by " Bolivian curanderos" in the Andes and the Amazons. Every year, Lila brings more foreign people to Bolivia to discover this magical and unforgettable land in the company of "Aymara Curanderos".
For more information about Lila, please visit:

You will also enjoy live "medicine songs" used in ceremonies and healing practices. Sacred tribe participating as guest at this powerful night: Harold Henao & Margaret Biardzki.

Come and enjoy the energy of PACHAMAMA and PACHAKAMAC!
$30 pre-register $40 at the Door
You can reserve your spot online:

or by Venmo or CashApp: Lila Lotus
or Zelle: 954-6070913

Reservations to

Facebook event page:

July 11th

October 10th

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October 30th 8pm to 10pm Hollywood

IWe are the dreams of our Ancestors..." and they are also our nightmares. All that remains unresolved in your ancestral line, the violence, injustice, and suffering, has impact on your life today. It is the job of the ancestors to remember and the job of the living to change and heal. You and your extended family are the only means by which the ancestors can heal and they are using you to heal in this moment.

It is common for individuals in traditional societies to seek contact with the spirits of their ancestors in order to further the well-being of the self and the family. In such a relationship, these ancestral spirits are said to be able to function as protectors and guardians as well as teachers, maintaining proper alignment with them is regarded as essential.

By healing the ancestral line with intention you can free your Inner Visionary for your own life and reconnect with your sacred dream. From this place of power you can call on all that is good, true, and beautiful in your ancestral line to support you in living your soul's unique purpose.

If you have in your ancestor life somebody with traumas, tragic death, alcohol, drugs, abusive behaviors, this healing ceremony is for you.

This ceremony is based on Aymara traditions. Please contact Lila for the items you need to bring for the ceremony.

Investment: $65
Venmo or Cashapp to: Lila Lotus
Zelle: 954-6070913

Hollywood area - 8pm to 11pm

For more information:
Contact Lila:
Facebook: Lila Lotus
Text: 954-6070913


Facebook event page:

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