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Discovery Session 

This 90- minute private transformational session is designed to uncover the most vibrant version of yourself.

The session includes: pre-session questionnaire, Angel Tarot & soul reading, life coaching tools., action plan worksheet and homework.

In the Discovery Session we explore:
  • What you hope to get out of coaching

  • What areas of your life are involved on your unique situation and how we will face them to overcome it

  • Strategies and next steps towards a plan used to achieve your target

  • Long and short-term goals and intentions related to career, relationships, and physical health and well-being.


At the end of the session we will establish together a tailored action plan to continue your journey of wholeness and transformation. Price $135

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Discovery Session 

If you feel a loud YES! and know that we should work together, go ahead and book your DISCOVERY SESSION. This 90 minute session will be our first step working together. It is here for you and me to find out how we could work together. 

We’ll share sacred space in person or virtually. I’ll send you a worksheet to fill out to clarify your straggles, the vision, the obstacles, opportunities on your path.


Together we will map out your big vision and desires you want to achieve in your life and specially during this next cycle. I will uncover your mindset blocks, the hidden aspects of your soul, the emotional blockages to transform them with powerful energy work, coaching, and holistic techniques so you can achieve a balanced life.

I love to work with you as a unique individual and look beyond the physical, I want to see and activate your true inner self, tuning into your soul’s full potential. This service is for you if you have the desire to transform your life from the inside out and are committed to move out of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused and into moving forward with empowered action towards your desired life.

What is included?
  • 90-minute private coaching session and soul reading with Lila in person or by online conference. ** This coaching can include Angel Tarot Cards to go deeper on the soul aspect 

  • Pre-session questionnaire + worksheet to clarify your challenges, opportunities, the vision you want to create and manifest

What we will do: 
  • Go to the root of your challenges

  • Identify the areas you need to work to achieve a balanced life

  • Discuss strategies to eliminate any overwhelm, stuck-ness, or stress you may be experiencing

  • Discuss alternative techniques to palliate and overcome the identified challenge 

  • Clarify anything that feels uncertain, confusing, inefficient, or out of alignment

  • Outline the action plan to follow to achieve your desires

It will be an honor to work with you. Go ahead and book your DISCOVERY SESSION. I am looking forward hearing from you! 

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*** After booking your DISCOVERY SESSION schedule your session using the following link:

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