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The Healer's Journey 

Shamanic Retreat

May 2022
Sun Island 
Lake Titicaca

The Island of healers, shamans and Wise man 

Welcome to this incredible journey we embark upon together having like destination "Heal your soul". We've created this retreat to give people the opportunity to leave the distractions of their ordinary lives, connect to Pachamama (Mother Earth), learn shamanic techniques used by Aymara people for centuries to reach spiritual understanding that brings resolution to blockages in your life, giving you the tools to awake your fullest potential by expanding your consciousness and healing your bodies, minds & spirits.

We  invite you to experience the mystery power of ancient traditional rituals including the use of sacred visionary medicinal plants. It is a journey of deep personal transformation with a deeply connection to the Divine within each one of us. In this process you may experience profound emotional and psychological work: clearing your mind and body of negative energies, liberating traumas and crisis that have been disturbing you over the years.


The Shamanic Healing Retreat is based in taking the knowledge of ancient Aymara, Quechua and Amazonian wisdom including the ingestion of the sacred visionary teacher plants. These ceremonies are guided with the traditional practices of the Andes by Aymara and Guarani shamans or Curanderos. 


The Sacred Medicine provides a deep cleanse on all layers of our being, detoxify the physical body by purging, release emotional & mental blockages, healing past traumas and allowing our retretees expand their consciousness, provoking a deeper inner awakening to move forward in life with renewed energy, hope, joy, and Love.


We work with the body, mind and spirit offering collective healing sessions as well as individual healing session to open yourself to the transformation and giving you the tools you can use later to be able to enjoy and to face every situation in your life.

The retreats are supported by using different techniques and practices with meditation, shamanic exercises, ancient rituals and ceremonies, yoga and spiritual & life coach workshops helping you in your personal development.


During the retreat, we live together as community in the nature. After each ceremony we have time to share our experiences in a lovely and supporting circle to help each one's individual journey. Our shamans will help you with all your questions and offering guidance in this healing process.


The meals are prepared with care and we serve  local food, fresh fruit and juices, medicine plants and herbs infusions used by the locals. 


A retreat is a gift to your whole being that allows you to shift from the place you feel stocked into a place of fulfillment where the totally of possibilities can be manifested and you can be the person you desire!!!


The Healers Journeys Retreat 8 days - 7 nights 


What includes?

  • Transportation La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz

  • 4 Medicine Plants ceremonies

  • Andean Cosmovision workshop

  • 1 Rape & Tobacco Ceremony

  • Circle meetings with shamans

  • 2 life coaching workshops to help you improve your goals

  • 4 group healing

  • 2 nights of Shamanic ceremonial rituals 

  • 1 Angel Tarot reading

  • 1 coca leaves reading

  • Medicine Songs Workshop

  • 2 yoga class

  • 3 Meditation on the Lake Titicaca

  • All meals & accommodation

  • Sun Island Peregrination with Huachuma

  • Ritual and visit to sacred Islands in the Lake Titicaca & the underwater temple "Wiñaymarca"

  • Individual healing by the shaman during Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Additional healing outside of ceremony if the shaman sees it is required

  • Group circle meetings where you can share your experiences, gain new insights from them and ask questions of our shaman.

  • Guide book 

  • Souvenirs

  • A lot of surprises that will make your heart very very very happy!!!


It's recommended that you bring a notebook and some art supplies with you. You can bring your inspirational books to use it in your free time.

Join us in our next "Healer's Journey",  a Shamanic Retreat on the island where many shamans were trained 

About your coach and guide

lila shamanic.jpg

Hi! My name is Lila Lotus...

I’m a Transformational coach, sacred space holder, balanced life alchemist, retreat leader, inspirational speaker, mother, wife and world traveller. 


I work with people around the world looking to improve their lives through integral healing of mind and soul. I help you focus on what really matters for you to achieve a balanced life and to reach your cherished dreams. I offer you a complete program based on your individuality, adapted to a group to accompany you to reach a meaningful, successful and balanced life!


Now I am sharing my top life and transformational coaching tools and manifestation principles with you… and holding space for your unique goals…

So that you can become the best version of you and build a life you are dreaming with!!!

This experience is for you if you ...

  • Want to evolve and grow on your spiritual journey

  • Want to learn more about metaphysics, portals, attunements and alternative healing 

  • Love Andean culture

  • Want to be immerse on shamanic practices including the ingest of visionary plants

  • Want lo live with Aymara communities 

  • Procrastinate taking action consistency and sticking to your commitments in your life

  • Are feeling a little slow, stagnant, or stuck in your life

  • Want to manifest a happy and balanced life

  • Want to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety, and healing from grief and loss 

  • Want to face your shadow and create a powerful life

  • Want to increase your passion for life and sense of your true value, resulting in an innate capacity to live in joy, ease and dignity

Join us in our next "Healer's Journey",  a Shamanic Retreat on the island where many shamans were trained 

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