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Ancestral Wisdom 
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Empower yourself, transform your life!

Sacred plants can be life changing, and integrating your journeys successfully is the key to allowing the results to affect your future self positively. I believe the ceremony starts after the ancestral ceremony. You get a lot of information that many times can be overwhelming for your life on the 3D. However, you already got those pieces of the astral puzzle and your mission will be to integrated with your experiences on your daily life. And that's when the magic or healing happens: when you see the totality as big picture and You, see yourself as a creator and actor of that puzzle. 

Your experience with the medicine could resemble one or a combination of the options below:

  • It was a beautiful and healing experience. You saw so much, you experienced and understood so much and you are not sure what to do next. And you wish you could remember all the details.

  • It was a terrifying experience. You were completely shaken by it. You wanted to run away and you never want to go back there again!

  • It was confusing. The images, the colors, the shapes…it was all intense and not a whole lot of made any sense leaving you  more confused than ever.

  • It did nothing for you. You didn’t see anything, hear anything, feel anything and you feel like you missed out. You’re not sure what to make of of the whole thing.


But what now? How do you make sense of this experience? How do you bring this back home to your life in the real world? How do you share with your family and loved ones, what you’ve been though?

And most importantly, how do you change your life?  What do you do first?

Integration sessions are focused on examining, exploring and understanding the insights and changes that occurred during ceremonies and what they mean for your life now. Sometimes changes are called for in your day-to-day life that can be intimidating. I will coach you through the process of integrating the energetic changes and manifesting them in the physical reality of your life. We will work with 5 sessions to integrate the main aspects, with my experiences are important to reflect from the astral to the material experience. II am here to help! 

Specialized in Alternative Healing, Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling

I am Lila Lotus, I come from Bolivia, the land of the medicine. I grow up immerse in a culture full of native ancestral wisdom. I work with the knowledge of my ancestors for many years helping and guiding those who are experiencing the help of the medicine of the Earth. I have over 15 years of experience in alternative healing for Body, Mind & Spirit. I teach and guide groups, private clients, to help them create a balanced life full of abundance, health, purpose and inner peace. I lead classes, workshops and retreats offering an unique approach of healing blending the knowledge of Life Coaching, Bio-decoding Herbal Medicine, Angel & Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Medicine, NLP, Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and many other holistic techniques. 

It would be my pleasure to help you to decode the messages and signs in your previous experiences with Medicine Plant. I also offer consultation for those who wants to take for the first time medicine plan, helping them to prepare themselves for this invaluable experience for their souls. 

Contact me if you need assistance! I am here to help ! 

Plant Medicine Integration Plan

The integration Medicine Plant Plan includes 5 sessions ( 2 personal sessions and 3 group sessions). 

All the sessions are by Zoom so you are welcome to participate from any place. Personal session are done in one hour and group session are done in 2 hours. Price $ 350

Contact me to receive further information. May all the paths of blessings be opened for you and you live in harmony, balanced and in peace! AHO, Jallalla ! 

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