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Coach for Coaches & Healers

Have you ever felt exhausted on running your spiritual business? Are you a coach or a healer and need guidance on your path or career? Lila can help you to excel your gifts to serve better humanity. Since spiritual cleansing and spiritual tools to the corporate aspect, Lila can guide you to embrace the blessing of working as a coach or a healer.

If you dream of having a purpose-based, spiritual business and embracing a life of freedom, fulfillment and FUN, I offer a unique, multi-dimensional approach….

I'm a spiritual business coach helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, spiritual leaders, healers, and conscious product creators align with their purpose, guide them exactly to work with their unique inner gifts, grow their business, create financial freedom while helping others and doing work they LOVE, from anywhere on earth.

Using my experience in the corporate, along with NLP methodologies, coaching fundamentals, spiritual teachings, and practical business strategies, I help you move past your fears and blocks so that you overcome any obstacle, get your services out to the world, and reach more people in an impactful and profitable way.  

I am a visionary spiritual career strategist. I see the potential of everyone involved. I can see and understand your gifts, and help you with a strategy to manifest them on this  material plane. I have a career on spiritual business very grounded because of my roots and my corporate experience for a fortune 500 company in the world. 

If you look for a mentor or guide on any aspect of your coach or healer career, please contact me. It would be an honor to work with YOU.

Different options are offered to you:

1 Session 60 minutes: $ 111

2 Sessions 60 minutes: $ 222 (includes my Book of "Angels walk besides you")

3 Sessions 75 minutes: $ 333 ( includes one WAXTA ceremony -- offering )

4 Sessions 75 minutes: $ 444 ( includes an Inpu--Womb ceremony or a book + Waxta)

Contact me for scheduling and payment options 

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