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Children's School
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I teach so that others can plant new seeds, in order to reforest the souls of our planet together... Lila Lotus 

Have you imagined a different way of education for our children?

Have you realized that many adults are not happy with their life? Have you realized many adults are lost in their life purpose?

Have you imagined an institution capable to provide the knowledge for their future, but more importantly to teach children about life? 


Hello, I am Lila. I am mother and also a spiritual coach. As a mother, I want my son be happy in his journey on Earth. As a coach, I am interested that he learns how to achieve a balanced life living his unique purpose.


To me, what is most essential is that children continue listening to themselves and live in agreement with their own cycles following the call of their path. 


Working with hundreds of clients taught me to identify the root of the disconnection. This separation comes from a system that is only interested in producing human robots, the distractions created to face our emotions, and the detachment of our roots or origins. 


Our children stayed for hours learning things that they will never use. The educational system do not teach basic aspects of life, so our children are able to move freely and without fear in front of the obstacles they will face in their life. 


As a mother and human citizen, I want to leave a better planet planting seeds to reforest this planet in need of more love, more harmony, and this is why I found the motivation to pursuit this project. 


"Gaia gardeners" is a school with a new form of teaching. It's an ancestral way of education based on the method WARISATA from Avelino Siñani, a Bolivian teacher who introduced a unique educational system for indigenous people in Bolivia in 1930. 


This is an ancestral approach for the modern life adapted to children. It includes the curriculum to excel in the most important areas of education: maths,  writing, reading, sciences and geography. 


It focus on the roots of our ancestors, our origins respecting the diversity and the respect for Mother Earth. Creativity is essential for any human being, therefore the program contains arts, crafts, and music. 


Mindfulness is important to grow up with a healthy mind finding balance, thus meditation and yoga classes are included in the program. 


Our hands can be useful when we plant seeds for fruits, or when we learn to build, or restore what we have in our home. For that reason, gardening and basic painting are also part of the content. 


The cherry on the cake is "emotional intelligence," that teaches our children to dare to feel their own feelings, to manage them, to acknowledge them, and to create a powerful outcome with any emotion coming to their present moment. 


All the teachers believe in the beauty of the soul and the potential of any child, and will be supporting your children to always stay connected to the marvelous being that resides within them. 


If you are interested in receiving more information of this innovative program, please contact us. We will be happy to explain further details about the project of our heart.

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