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Angel  Healing
Lila Lotus Angel Healing Angel Medicine

Empower yourself, transform your life!

This kind of healing has existed throughout time. Angels and Archangels have unlimited healing capabilities to heal physical or emotional pain. Angels heal effectively, swiftly and permanently. We all have Guardian Angels assigned to watch over us from birth. They support us through our journey in this life. All we need to do is ask for their divine assistance and we will be celestially uplifted in every area of our lives, while bringing peace and clarity in our human & spiritual journey!!!


We all have the ability to communicate with the angels because everyone is a Soul Being! I can help you to discover your own Divine Intuition. 


"Angel Healing Therapy is a divine way of healing. Together we will call upon and invite the angelic beings to support you and be part of your life, allowing them to work as a celestial team to resolve any past or present issue that is preventing you from living in happiness, health, peace, prosperity and abundance".


The love of the angels allows you to heal on all levels:

  • Increase your vibration, balancing and clearing your energy and aura

  • Illuminating your inner light, enabling it to shine within you

  • Bringing you profound peace, and a calm, balanced life 

  • Enhancing your awareness and guiding your soul for your life's purpose

  • Cutting any past karmic cords 

  • Allowing you to be YOU again, to be ONE with your Soul and the DIVINE SOURCE


Together, we will determine your current issues and use Angel healing techniques to restore your life, and illuminate your soul, while sending you down your path to happiness in your life.

We will we work together with: 


  • Meditation & visualization to align with the Angelic energy and develop your celestial virtues

  • Etheric body energy cleansing

  • Angel surgery & therapy

  • Angel ceremony, angel prayers, angel invocation

  • Creation of your angelic sacred space

  • Preparing angelic tea and honey

  • Working with your unique angels' oils, herbs, and incenses  

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