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After 18 years working as Angel Channeler and offering Angel therapy as a holistic alternative of healing, I bring these books with all the messages I have received from the 15 Archangels on Angel Healing.


Angels walk with us every moment of our lives. Their pure light covers us, protecting us when we need them. They are here to celebrate our victories, to hug us when we suffer, motivate us, hold our hands when we think nobody is there to support us. Angels walk beside us every step we take. 

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In this instructional book, Lila Lotus will show you how to identify your angels, how to connect with them, how to heal with them, how to develop a relationship with your celestial team. They are excellent coaches; they each have their own specialty. Lila will show you how to resolve any situation in your life by calling angels and specific archangels. They are very helpful invoking abundance, love, protection, career balance, and gratitude. The book also covers chakra work with archangels. 

This book will teach you about the angels themselves as well as how to go about contacting them, the ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works. You will learn about the history of angels, as well as the different types of angels, and their hierarchy. You will learn about the 15 archangels, and what their roles and responsibilities are, how angels may go about helping you, how to connect with them and discover how to open yourself up to them.


The angels are always with us and they wish to help us, you need only ask and they will guide you through everyday events with as much importance as life-changing moments. 

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After a year of work, Lila presents this gift for everyone who wants to know another kind of healing, a very soothe, tender but powerful medicine coming from Angels and Archangels.

This is the book that follows the book "Angels walk beside you,"  and it will give you more insights about working with angels in other areas. On this book Lila shares with you the experience and the information she has received  working over the years with her celestial team. Topics included in the book:

  • Angels and Ascended Masters & 7 Rays

  • Angels, Earth elements and 4 directions

  • Grounding with the Angels

  • Angels and Earth chakras

  • Past life and Angels

  • Akashic Records and Angels

  • Karma and Angels

  • Soul Contracts and Angels

  • Dream codes and angels

  • Angel Magic 101

  • Angel Therapy


Working with angels doesn’t just help you with day-to-day and life events, but helps with continuing your own spiritual growth. Learn and put in practice angel healing techniques in your daily life...

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