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You cAme here with a mission to fulfill on planet earth!
gaia is waiting for you

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You are important and you have a role to play

You just need to identify how you can better play  this role. You just need to know your "Healer Type" and "re-Member" to use the tools inside of you. Let me share this FREE training with YOU and start a journey of self discovery and purpose...

5 steps to discover, activate & empower the Ancestral Healer within

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and now...

How can I remember  How can I be and work as an Ancestral Healer 

Let me help you
I will be honored to be your guide...

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I have guided thousands of clients, patients and students 

Hello, I am Lila Lotus and it's always an honor to help my clients to re-align to their life purpose and soul mission... YOU are not alone! I have been in your shoes, and I know exactly how deep your inner call is  to be in service for Humanity and planet Earth !



This complete program will help you to tap into your most unique gifts, sharing them as a healer while you make a living with it!

Transform your world from inside out with a year and a half training that will change your life. Rediscover your natural wisdom and find clarity in your life purpose.

Give yourself the opportunity to live from your passion for Energy Healing 

Live Mastermind sessions, Online certification program, practice time with Lila, forums, a powerful immersion in the Bolivian Amazon by renowned spiritual teacher Lila Lotus. She teaches you how to unlock your extraordinary abilities to heal and be healed.


33 modules, opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, 11 bonuses, online community, access to an online library, 12 live forums, 20 extra videos. Certifications included in the program: Reiki Master, Akashic Records Practitioner, Angel Healing Practitioner Level 1& 2 and Past Life Regression Practitioner. Other topics covered in the program: Energetic Anatomy, Shamanic Healing, Clearing & Limpias, Channeling, Biodecoding, N.L.P., Quantum Healing Techniques. One year and a half for you!


An optional retreat immersion (10 days) in the Bolivian Amazon at the end of the program to learn about medicinal plants with native teacher.

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I want to change my destiny and become an Energy Healer

what just few of our students are saying 


Michele Victoria


Lila has helped changed my life in more ways that I can count. She is a true gift to my life and to this planet. I had the honor to work deeply with her for over a year & the tools I have gained from her Energy Healer Academy have been invaluable. Her connection to source, the angelic realm and ancestral healing are unparalleled.

Lila is a true Master healer & teacher in all of the work she does. She truly walks this path with the utmost humility & highest integrity. She wants you to succeed, she knows everyone has special gifts & she helps you find it and guides you to come into your power with so much love.

To be taught and guided by Lila is a special gift & one that you must experience first hand.

100% recommended!! Thank you Lila, for forever changing my life & for the deep work you do & gifts you share!



Lila is a beautiful, humble healer with a wealth of knowledge and information. I felt the wisdom of her soul right away and knew I had a lot to learn from her and remember through her.

I began my path in the Healing Arts 20yrs ago and have enjoyed diving more into this program and all that Lila had to share through her teachings and personal path.

The Energy Healing Academy is a wonderful program and creates a beautiful space for personal healing and transformation.

It’s more than a program but a spiritual family that is nurtured. There are many modalities to learn and experience and useful information for these times we are stepping into globally. I appreciate the work of Lila and the attention she gives her students.

I feel honored to be a part of this Academy and to have received as much as I have. It’s a continuous process of evolution and we are blessed to join together, to keep learning and to give back.

Thank you Lila Lotus for all you d

I could not express in words how much Lila’s services helped me in healing my soul and giving me so much clarity and breakthroughs on my life’s path, particularly in my career and relationships.
I have experienced multiple healing modalities from Lila, including her year long created Certified Energy Healer’s Academy.
She provides very safe environment and always makes me feel like home. Her gifts, wisdom, intuition and big open heart along with her love of service and humbleness are indescribable.
Lila is the most talented healer I know.
Forever grateful.


This past year I studied with Lila in the Certified Energy Healers Academy. What an incredible year!! I knew from the beginning that I was learning from the best and she proved my intuition to be correct. You can't put a price on Lila's ancestral knowledge and the way she shares it so humbly. Lila is so organized and concise with this program that it amazes me. She is truly an inspiration. I am forever grateful to have found Lila since I have been wanting to learn all of what she included in this program and she appeared at just the right time. The people that Lila attracted into this class were so special, each and every one of them, and I know that we will be supporting each other in the future. This is now my tribe.



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online learning 

No matter where you are on planet Earth, you can always join the program. Lila travels frequently around the world sharing forums, masterminds from different sacred places on Gaia. Enjoy the online library, extra videos, live videos only for students and more...


Your classmates become your friends, become your colleagues, become your FAMILY.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a very loving and supportive community. We have around 5 groups already graduated. Additionally you are added to the group of Lila' students from other programs such as School of Mysteries and High Priestess Program.  We are a big family.



Lila loves to share her knowledge and one important part of the training is our "Practice time".  We gather together live or online, and we go to the healing process so you can do it under Lila's supervision. We also get together for rituals so you can have the full experience of healing. This a personalized program and Lila makes sure all her students get healed and get to be a healer.

TRIPS with your tribe

Traveling is an option for all the students of the Academy. We finally meet with those living in different parts of the world and get together to experience a deep immersion in Energy Healing. For this program, Lila proposes you come to the Bolivian Amazon and learn from Healing Plants. We will be with native shamans to uncover some gifts of nature for our health and well-being. 

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Enroll in the Academy today!

I want to change my destiny and become an Energy Healer


Live with Passion working with your Life Purpose

one part of your tuition goes to help children in Bolivia 

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Enroll in the Academy today!

I want to change my destiny and become an Energy Healer

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